Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring has sprung!

blueberry bushes - buds have sprouted!

butterfly bush - trimmed back and ready to grow

parsley April 2009

parsley March 2010

Spring is officially here, not that you can tell by the cold temeperatures. Right on time, buds and leaves started sprouting around the 21st. The blueberry bushes we planted last summer have started to sprout buds. We need to put a net over them to protect the fruit from the birds, which ate most of the berries on one bush within hours of planting it last year.

The first herb I ever tried to grow from seed was parsley. The first picture of the parsley was taken in April 2009, almost a year ago. It grew to about 3x that size. Then the 3 blizzards and other minor snow storms all but destroyed it, and what you see in the last pic is what it looks like today. The parsley was started from seed, we'll see if makes it through another spring!

Now to order some seeds & plants and plan my 2010 garden...

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