Monday, August 1, 2011

Post #100: Black, White, and Cute All Over

Bumble Lush has reached its 100th post! Ironically, I will not be marking this happy occasion by talking about vegetables or flowers. Just for today, this will be "Kitten Lush" because I want to introduce my new garden helper, Cleo.
Cleo was one of the five kittens we fostered this summer. They were feral kittens that someone found in his backyard and brought into the shelter when they were about 2 months old. We took them home as fosters a few days later with the assignment of getting them healthy, making sure they gain weight, and getting them used to human contact. They are now 3 months old. We brought Cleo's sister and three brothers back to the shelter last Tuesday so they could go up for adoption. I miss their cute little faces, but I'm very happy that my house now looks and smells back to normal.

For a while, we'd been thinking about getting a second cat to be a playmate for our other cat, Pickles. We decided to adopt Cleo because Pickles seemed to get along with her best out of all the fosterlings. In the last few days they've become good friends and are playing together and grooming each other. It's really very sweet.

She's still too young to go out on the deck with me and Pickles. She's small (almost 3 pounds!) and really fast, and if she decided to run off I know I wouldn't be fast enough to catch her. For now, she'll just have to stay inside learning the bookkeeping and helping take inventory when we pick veggies.

I never considered myself to be cat person until we adopted this little guy last year (from the same animal shelter). He's a good little pet, and he loves coming outside with us and sitting amongst the vegetable pots, watching us work in the garden and staring at the birds and squirrels from the cover of the plants. I hope to have Cleo join him out there soon.

This picture was taken the night we brought the 5 kittens home to start our foster assignment. Cleo is the one on the far left. I went to the shelter yesterday to log some volunteer hours and met a nice couple who was planning on adopting one of the males (not pictured). Here's hoping the others find permanent homes soon!


  1. adorable.It looks like my Jingles. I never had her as a kitten though.

  2. awwww .... I don't think there is anything cuter in the world than kittens or puppies! And these are just top of the cute-pops!

  3. way cute! i had a feeling you might keep one...

  4. @GWGT--Thanks! Jingles is a cute name for a cat :)

    @GardeningBlog--Thank you!

    @Emily--As soon as they said they had black/white kittens they wanted us to foster, I knew we were going to keep one too. I love black cats!

  5. aaaww! they make me reminisce about Panini when she was a little kitty. She was so tiny and frail I feared she would not live...

    But now I have to stop her from getting out side because she gets into fights with other cats and seems to enjoy it ..."Oh dear!

    I'm sure all of those cuties will be adopted, it's nice that Cloe gets along with Pickles..they are going to have lots of fun together.

  6. cute, so precious! I love the photo of the tiny kitten among the peppers.

  7. @Vetsy--Thanks! I'm learning that kittens are way tougher than they look. Your Panini sounds fun!

    @SageButterfly--Thank you! I'm amazed she stayed still while I arranged the peppers around her, LOL.

  8. I grew up with 4 cats and a dog but my husband is severely allergic to cats so we just have dogs. Of the two cats that were mine, one was a black and white named Cleo! Your two are really cute! :o)

  9. I've been wondering how the foster kittens are doing. I must be behind on my blog reading. It's great you found one to keep. I always thought I was a cat person until I had some housemates when I first moved to New Mexico who had some dogs. I later became allergic to cats. It's funny how that turns out. Congrats on the 100th post!

  10. @Casa Mariposa--thank you! That's cool that you had a little b/w Celo too. :)

    @GirlSprout--thanks! It was tough to pick just one, let me tell you. :) I'd actually love to have a dog some day, maybe when I have more time to devote to caring for it. Cats are pretty low-maintenance.

  11. Really nice that you adopted a feral kitten.

    I adopted a much older (8 yrs old) feral cat that had also been brought as a feral kitten to a shelter, but because he would always run and hide when visitors came, no one ever adopted him, and he lived all hsi 8 years there.

    I adopted him 2 summers ago to be a buddy for an older kitten I got from the same shelter a few weeks earlier.

    It's been a long road toward socialization, over a full year, but it's been worth it. Waldo will always be a very timid cat, but he is very affectionate and jumps on my lap and has purring spasms.

    Your kitten is much longer, so it should be much easier. Have fun!

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