Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Non-Earthquake Wednesday and Tomatoes

No damage to the Bumble Lush home or garden after yesterday's earthquake. We were very fortunate. Were you in the quake zone? Was this your first earthquake? It was my second and felt more like a tremor to me (because there was no damage). If you were in the affected areas, I hope that your families are safe and property is fine.

Non sequitur: I had these tomato pictures scheduled for my Wordless Wednesday post:

top to bottom: Black Krim harvest; variety of tomatoes and tomatillos; grape tomatoes of different sizes; and a grape tomato and patio princess harvest


  1. Your tomatoes look awesome! I finally pulled a big red one off my mystery tomato plant tonight and it's headed for caprese tomorrow. I was at work when the quake hit and there was no damage. I grew up in CA and unless buildings start to fall, am unfazed by a little shaking.

  2. Dear Bumble Lush, I have tomato envy ... I have plenty of tomatoes, but they are green - just wont turn red. I wish the earthquake had knocked some sense into them. Scary tremors, but no damage here. P. x

  3. i'm so glad you didn't have any damage. my aunt in sykesville was shaken by it, and her horses got spooked.

    your tomatoes look great! i really like your red colander, too.

  4. Glad to hear no damage done by the quake. My parents were in mom said she thought she was going a little coo coo for a minute before she realized what was happening!

    Beautiful tomatoes, btw!

  5. @Casa Mariposa--Thank you. So glad nothing happened after the earthquake in your parts.

    @Pam--thanks, I'm sure your tomatoes will start to blush soon. Glad there was no damage to your home!

    @Emily--thanks! Oh, poor horses. They probably sensed that something was going down long before the rest of us did.

    @Cat--thanks. Oh, glad your parents in Alexandria are OK!


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