Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hawaiian Good Luck Plant

A little red/pink for your Valentine's Day:
Cordyline terminalis, also known as Hawaiian Ti Plant or Hawaiian Good Luck plant, is a beautiful tropical plant with dark red to bright pink leaves. The plant's tropical nature and red leaves are what attracted me to it when I saw it at the nursery last year.

{Ti plant september 2011}

Not long after we brought the Ti plant home last summer it exploded in spider mites (which has been an unfortunate trend with this particular nursery. I want to support small, local businesses, but every.single.plant I have bought there seems to be infested). After all its leaves withered away, it looked like a couple of dead sticks, but little by little it started to heal.

{Ti plant February 2012}

Here's my Ti plant now. We brought it inside last fall and it seems to be recovering. There is new leaf growth and although some of the leaves are shriveled, it looks much better and is spider mite free (knock wood).

I would love to see the dark red color return to the leaves. These plants need indirect bright light, and I have it in a room where it gets good morning light.  I hope it lives up to its name and brings itself some good luck. Maybe by next Valentine's Day I'll have a little red or pink in the house.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. That bloom is awesome! I have bought plants that seemed fine at first but then developed scale...and I could not resurrect the plant. It looks as if you were able to get the spider mites under control, and it is coming back. Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. @SageButterfly--that's too bad about your plants! I would love to get leaves that bright pink, but I 'll be happy for some red.

  3. Hi!! I am in Hawaii. Right in front of us is a little patch of Hawaiian Ti plants. What a coincidence. Then...I scrolled con to see your little Pickles pictures. When we were here last year, there was an emaciated kitten who was attacked one day while we were here. We launched a rescue operation. It took three day and a LOT of stress but we got her home to Vancouver Island. I've put the story on y site and blog if you'd like to read it. I have pictures and you can see how they have the same colour markings. Actually we are feeding a cat here who is probably her sister, mom etc.

  4. What a pretty plant. Sorry to hear about the spider mite problems, especially since it seems to be coming from a local nursery. I hope it turns red for you soon.

  5. It looks like it is on its way to healing and regrowing...all your tender loving care will pay off.

  6. @Erin--wow, what a story! I'd love to read all of it but when I click on your name I get an error message from Blogger saying it's been marked private?

    @Holley--thanks, I'd love to be able to post pictures of it with some red leaves.

    @Donna--thank you, I think it's on the road to recovery. :)

  7. I purchased some stems from a plant sale, cut them into 4 inch lengths, stuck one end in Rootone (or whatever it is now called) and put that in soil. Almost all of them have taken and have new, healthy growth out of the side of the stem or as a shoot coming out of the soil. The new growth is very strong and the color is returning.


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