Monday, August 15, 2011

August Blooms - Sunflowers Again

I'm linking up with Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day today, and am looking forward to seeing what's in other gardens around the Internets. In my garden this month it's all about the sunflowers

The teddy bear sunflowers have begun their second life. The first set of blooms lasted a couple of weeks before succumbing to the brutal summer heat, but these new buds were on deck waiting to bloom.

I have a mystery flower. This is the mystery sunflower that bloomed amongst the Chianti sunflowers last week. Not sure what variety it is, but it's very pretty.

This is what a Chianti sunflower looks like! It bloomed a few days ago, and I'm so happy to see this beautiful flower in my garden again this year. 

Unfortunately, the Chiantis are not as tall as they were last year, and the heads aren't as big either. But  there are other Chianti buds growing behind the first bloom, so I should have more flowers soon. 

Sadly the Coconut Ice sunflowers that bloomed last month didn't even last two weeks, but there are new buds growing on the stalk, so I should have another set of Coconut Ice blooms later this summer.

The Pink Diamond hydrangea tree is blooming. The blooms are white in the summer, but by fall they will turn a deep shade of pink. The tree has been slower to bloom this year compared to last, and there don't seem to be as many blooms or as many butterflies, bees, and other winged visitors as there were last year. 

Also in bloom, as I mentioned on Friday, the Mighty Petunia.

Happy GBBD!


  1. What a nice variety of sunflowers. I especially like the fluffy flowers of the Teddy Bear variety. Next year I will definitely have to plant sunflowers. Happy Bloom Day!

  2. I love that teddy bear! Happy Garden Bloom day.

  3. Love the sunflowers and pretty petunias!
    Happy GBBD :)

  4. @Dorothy, @Vetsy, @Christine -- thank you for visiting. The teddy bear sunflowers have quickly become my favorite flower this year.

  5. Mr. CV loves his sunflowers. Every year I have to make room in the garden for him to dot seeds about, and I'm always glad he does. I love the look of the Teddy Bear sunflowers, but that Chianti is gorgeous, such a rich shade! This year our Lemon Queens have done fairly well, but our Russian Mammoths are actually Mini. It is funny how their height and size can be so different from one season to the next, but their blooms are always so cheery!

  6. Great photos! I posted photos of my sunflowers for GBBD this month also! Next year I'll have to add the Chianti to the mix!

  7. @Curbstone Valley--ooh, I'm not familiar with Lemon Queens and Russian Mammoths. I'm intrigued. I'll have to see about adding those to the list.

    @REbecca-thank you! Your sunflowers look great, and it looks like you got more butterflies than I did this year too. :)


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