Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Finally, A Sunflower!

Over the weekend, the first Teddy Bear sunflower opened.

Then I came home from work Monday night to find that two more Teddy Bear flowers had opened!

...and although the other sunflower plants have not really made much progress, the Coconut Ice plants have finally developed buds.

On a different subject, there's a new tomato to add to the list we're growing this year: Supersweet hybrids. They're supposed to be small (about an inch wide) and sweet--SUPER sweet. We transplanted the seedlings to pots over the weekend. They're calling for blistering heat over the next week, so maybe that'll help them grow.


  1. Sunflowers are on my list of Plants to Figure Out How the Heck to Grow. Looks to me like you are having success, Surely they will all bloom for you this summer. Mine are in various stages and tend to tip. Still learning but like you I love the blooms so much! (And I love the name of your blog--)

  2. Wow...they are so pretty and sunny! I have a list of things I want to add to my garden next year...these are on the list!

  3. Oh wow! Love those sunflowers!!

  4. beautiful! they look so fuzzy and cuddly. i have a few baby tomato plants too--i wonder if they'll have time to mature before the end of the season. i plan on putting mine in pots too (they're small determinates) so i can bring them in before the first frost.

  5. Your sunflowers look great! My tomatoes grew a bunch during our first blisteringly hot weather. We're supposed to get a t-storm tonight. Hopefully, it will hit your area as well. Gotta love free water!

  6. I love sunflowers, but didn't have any luck with them this year. Not sure what happened, but they all falled to germinate. They're on my list for next year though.

  7. I haven't had any luck with the chocolate sunflowers I grew this year. I am so jealous of these. Maybe I'll stick to the good old yellow next year.

  8. @linniew--Thanks, and that's great that you're growing sunflowers too! I hope they do well for you.

    @SageButterfly--Thank you! For sure you should try sunflowers--they're fun!

    @GardenBlog--thank you very much!

    @Emily--ooh, I've never tried to over winter tomatoes. Maybe I should. I'll follow to see how your do. :)

    @CasaMariposa--I guess a few miles make a difference because we didn't get rain last night. Could have used it too. I'm glad your tomatoes are growing!

    @rmgales--A lot of people (myself included) seem to be having trouble with sunflowers this year. We'll try again next year! :)

    @helen back--Chocolate sunflowers?!? I HAVE to see those!!

  9. I'm anxiously growing Coconut Ice sunflowers through you...I stared at them for a long time in the seed catalog and decided not this year...so how glad I am that you are posting about the progress of yours! :)

  10. OMG!....Do we have blistering heat. It's so hot I can't think straight, I'm not accustom to high 90's in Michigan for days on end....Whew!

    I love the teddy bear sunflowers, and I'm sure those coconut ice plants are going to really cute. I've never heard of the coconut variety.

  11. I didn't even know such names exist! Teddy Bear, Coconut Ice! People who name plants have great imagination!

  12. @Hanni--I'm anxiously waiting for them to grow too! LOL

    @Vetsy--Thanks! The petals are supposed to be pale yellow/white.

    @Tatyana--I know! I think that would be a fun job, getting to think of cool flower names.


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