Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Own Mutant Vegetables

In my Freaky Fruit post a couple of weeks ago I wrote about the misshapen fruit that can sometimes grow in a garden. Well it turns out that I have a few little weirdos of my own. The first three pictures are all Black Krim tomatoes, a new variety I'm growing this year. Three different Black Krim plants have odd-shaped fruit developing. The first one looks like a spider, the second one is growing a twin attached to it, and the third one has a fruit that appears to be growing flat. 

The last two pictures are not of a mutant, but it's an example of the difference in size between yellow squash grown in a container (left) and one grown in the ground (right). The squash on the left came from my own garden. The huge one on the right came from my husband's office community garden. He planted yellow squash seeds there from the same packet that we used at home in our container garden. What a huge difference! Oh, how I wish we had more yard space! 

UPDATE: I should have pointed out that not all the Black Krims look like that. The plants are growing some normal looking tomatoes. The giant squash in the community garden got way too big and it's forming seeds, so he brought it home because it wasn't going to be donated.


  1. There is a big difference! I wonder if there is a difference in taste? I have lots of yard space, but I'm harvesting before my squash get too large. Usually the larger squash are less flavorful and tougher. Let us know if you notice a difference in taste.

  2. What a difference! Sometimes when I neglect to pick the squash or zucchini and it gets very large, it starts to look a bit odd. Interesting photos...thanks for sharing..

  3. My squash starts out small, like yours, and get big if I don't pick it, like your husband's. Maybe his is just older? I've grown Black Krim tomatoes and they are delicious. Yours do look odd. Have they had consistent watering? I hope you find out the answer - you're missing some mighty tasty maters!

  4. @rmgales - hmmm...don't know if I dare to eat it! My cat is afraid of it, maybe that's a sign!

    @Holley - there are some normal looking Black Krims. I just wanted to show the freaky ones.

  5. The third freaky tomato looks like the talking plant from the Little Shop of Horrors, a movie that came out in the 80's....

    The smaller squash will taste a lot better than the larger one. Like rmgales stated they are tougher and tasteless...

    Most over sized vegetables are... However, tomato's are an exception, they usually taste good regardless of size...

    Whoop Whoop for tomato's.

  6. I had weird tomatoes like that one year. It ended up resulting from a calcium deficiency. But the flat one? Maybe it's just low on personality. :o)


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