Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SSFC: Cleaning Out the Freezer

Chickpeas with crushed tomatoes and spinach
As we're getting closer to spring, the SSFC challenge is close to wrapping up too. I've been working on cleaning out the freezer of food we have stored over the winter. We've been working our way through broccoli, spinach, peppers, and meat. We recently grilled up some salmon and I was trying to think of a good side dish that wasn't fish or rice. I settled on a side of chickpeas with crushed tomatoes and spinach.

oven roasted tomatoes final
 I wanted to use the tomatoes that I dried in the oven last fall. I've been trying to incorporate them into different meals. I think that might be another reason why it feels like spring is almost on its way--I'm eating warm weather food.
This side dish did include some locally sourced ingredients:
  • tomatoes and bell pepper (my garden/frozen)
  • onions and spinach (farmers' market)

I got a new phone recently and was playing with the camera on my new phone, which is almost better than my little point-and-shoot camera. These are the peppers, onions, and oven-dried tomatoes sauteing:

This is the setting that only picks up red and yellow colors:

focus on the tomato

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  1. I'm getting so excited about the seasonal start of my CSA share! I expect Asparagus and Lettuce will be in the first box. Yum!

  2. Cool camera setting only picking up some colours - hours of fun!

  3. How did you preserve your oven dried tomatoes? I may not have as much canning time this year and am gathering tomato preserving ideas for the end of summer.

  4. I am excited for spring and the seedlings that continue to pop up in the basement...looks so yummy and I love creating dishes from what I find in the frig, freezer and cupboard.

  5. Those chickpeas with crushed tomatoes and spinach looks absolutely mouth watering. It fantastic that you still have food over....I'm off to cook that now!!!xxxxx

  6. I'm with Victoria - want to know your process of over drying your tomatoes. It looks like you fire roasted them first... is that right? Then what?


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