Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Has Arrived!

tulip planting
Spring is here! Although you wouldn't know it from the near-freezing temperatures and snow flurries I saw this morning. There are several signs of spring around my garden, though. I've seen a lot more bird and squirrel activity, and my tulips have sprouted! I planted these Queen of the Night tulips back in November, and on March 10 saw the first signs of them sprouting.

tulips 3-10-13
tulips 3/19/13
 I took this last picture two days ago, and you can see the tulip leaves starting to unfurl. I can't wait to see these pretty dark purple flowers in my garden. I planted Queen of the Nights a few years ago with some red tulips, but this year I may add a different type of flower to fill in the gaps, maybe in yellow or cream. I  haven't had much time lately to write about my garden plans, I've been busy with work and am probably going to start a new job soon which may mean longer work days for me. I'm aiming for a low-maintenance garden this year, and I also want more flowers in my garden. I think more flowers may attract more pollinators, which could then help the veggie plants.

Has Spring arrived yet where you are?


  1. I'm still waiting for Spring. I'm starting to see small green patches in my garden, but it's been too windy to clean out the beds. Good luck with the new job!

  2. Isn't it lovely when you see the first tulip leaves popping out. Yours look lovely, here's to them blooming soon!

    I am hoping for a low maintenance garden this year too and am hoping for lots of wildflower borders. Having said that, what's planned doesn't always turn out does it?

    We're similar to you, lot's of birdsong yet still awful weather. We have tow inches of snow again today and it's supposed to be around for a few days. I've never known so much snow in March!!!xxxx

  3. That pot of tulips is going to be so beautiful! Isn't it fun seeing new foliage coming out of the ground? I think a low maintenance garden is a great goal to have, and one that will be appreciated for many years. I keep thinking spring has come, but then we have another freezing night. I think summer will be here before spring!

  4. My potted tulips have sprouted, too. Purple and cream sounds like a beautiful combo. I can't believe we're supposed to get snow on Monday! Bizarre! Congrats on the new job. :o)

  5. So wonderful to see someone has spring...lots of cold and snow so my garden is under cover.


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