Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Snow Storm That Wasn't

The Snowstorm that Wasn't
A late winter snow storm was supposed to hit the DC area yesterday. The news people predicted 5-8 inches of snow--possibly even a foot! Salt trucks and snow plows were idling on the side street, waiting to spring into action. And then...nothing really happened. I live just outside DC and we barely got a few inches of snow, it was a rainy slushy mix. This is the peak of the rain/snow fall at around 10:30 a.m. By evening most of it had melted away. But a friend of mine who lives about an hour's drive away in Virginia said they got 7-8 inches of snow, the good snowman-building kind. Funny how a few miles made such a difference.

snow day 2

Did you get much snow from the storm? I hope you're warm and didn't lose power!

Also, did you notice that they were calling this Winter Storm Saturn? When did they start naming the storms?


  1. Yes, we got about 7 inches here in the Madison, Wis., area. I think Chicago got even more than we did. So we still have about 14 inches on the ground (although it's melting fast). I'd be glad to send some your way! ;-)

  2. I'm glad you din't get too much snow, it does get tedious after a while, however beautiful. Well....there's a thing.....naming snow storms! Saturn is a good name for one!xxxxx

  3. We got about 5 inches here to add to the foot already on the ground...still waiting for the snow to fully melt. Glad to hear you were sister in VA was not.

  4. I think it odd that they started naming storms, too. Glad to hear it wasn't bad where you were.

  5. No, I haven't heard of winter storms being named. It was 15 years ago this week that we had the largest snowfall in our history - 3 feet in our front yard! I don't think that storm was named, but here we call it the Great Blizzard of '93, which affected a large portion of the country; we were just the southern tip of it.

  6. We got about 5 inches. I was so glad we didn't get the 12-14" they were calling for. I'm about an hour from DC. We didn't bother to shovel, it had melted from the sidewalk and driveway by evening.


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