Friday, July 29, 2011

The Wilted Garden and an Edible Hostess Gift

dead oat grass

on right--cilantro, my nemesis!
various dead herbs--basil and parsley :(
Things have been busy around the Bumble Lush Homestead, some of it fun, but most of it work related (blah). As a result, I have neglected my gardens, both real and in blogger land. My regrets to my online garden friends for not responding to comments or visiting your sites. I also apologize to my herbs and to my cat's oat grass for letting you all die. (How the heck do you kill cat grass?? I didn't think it was possible). This is all quite frustrating for many reasons. I hate that I'm wasting perfectly good plants, but also, space is such a premium in my little container garden that I really get upset when something dies.

The cilantro is another story. Cilantro has been our nemesis plant for two years running now.  Maybe Year 3 will be the charm?

I don't want to end this post or start my weekend on a negative note, so I will wrap up with this picture of a recent harvest. We went to a BBQ last Sunday and I didn't have time to get a pie, or flowers, or some other kind of hostess gift. So we picked a few fresh veggies from our garden, and our hosts were very happy. The husband LOVES to cook. We collected cucumbers, Early Girl tomatoes, cayenne peppers, a yellow bell pepper, a Spanish pepper, and a jalapeno--all freshly picked! That bag smelled so good. Happy Weekend!


  1. At least you got some good veggies even if the herbs shriveled. My cats KLLL cat grass. It never lasts long at my house either.

  2. Well, at least the fresh veg looks great!

  3. I like your hostess gift very much! As for the dead plants, we all have ghosts of plant failures. I try not to let them haunt me. You may be surprised I have only three house plants. I don't have time for them, and those three look pretty puny.

  4. Keeping a container garden alive in the kind of heat we've had requires really big pots and lots of water. Your veggies look great, though!

  5. that's a lovely sack of veggies...i'm sorry some stuff died. that's so frustrating. i know how hard it is to keep container plants happy, especially when you have other stuff to do and can't hover over them with a watering can all day.

  6. @gardenwalk--thanks, I'm glad to know someone else who has cat grass troubles!

    @adele--thank you! I'll try to remember that positive attitude. :)

    @debsgarden---ha! Glad to know. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

    @CasaMariposa and @Emily--thank you. It IS a bit tough to stay on top of container gardens. They're kind of high maintenance when it comes to watering them, but so convenient in other ways. Thanks for the sympathy and encouragement!


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