Monday, August 29, 2011

Earthquakes and Hurricanes

Dark skies Friday night
The view out the window all day Saturday

Wow. Mother Nature has been busy on the the East Coast over the last five days. Here in the DC area, we had an earthquake on Tuesday and then Hurricane Irene stopped by over the weekend. In my neighborhood, we got rain from the hurricane Friday night and all day Saturday. Since we were forced to stay inside, it was a good excuse to watch bad TV,  drink wine, and eat junk food.

The neighborhood birds huddled on the ledge above the neighbors' door to get out of the rain. Aside from heavy rain throughout the day, the storm wasn't that bad where we live. We don't live near the coast, so we got heavy rains and wind, but no flooding or destructive wind gusts like they got near the beaches.

We were lucky. Aside from a few tree limbs and leaves, nothing else fell around us. No trees came down, no one in our neighborhood lost power.

The day after--the garden looked exactly the same as it did before the hurricane. We left the plants on the deck but moved them off the ledge and table and placed them against the house. The winds were strong but didn't knock anything over. 

I took these pictures of a butterfly on the hydrangea plant on Sunday afternoon. Yesterday was a warm, sunny, gorgeous day. Butterflies, birds, bees, and other insects (especially mosquitos, ugh) went about their normal business. You'd never know that a hurricane had just blown through. That said, I'm happy to see Irene in my rear view mirror. Thanks for the free water, Irene! Please tell your friends to stay away.

Thank you, Blogging Friends, for your well-wishes during the last few crazy days. I hope all of you on the East Coast made it through the storm with no issues!


  1. "....Lenny Bruce is not afraid" , R.E.M.

    I don't mind a good storm but, I have to admit, being cooped up with the family for more than 12 hours is challenging. Good thing you didn't lose power!

  2. I think the anticipation and the 'not-knowing' must be the worst. Glad you came through it unscathed.

  3. Yeah, I'm so glad that Irene did not destroy anything and that you are safe.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dear Bumble Lush, I'm glad Irene was quite well behaved for you. We had a few problems,and still don't have telephone service, but could have been worse. Love the picture of the birds. P. x

  5. We came thru well in Glover Park too, although several blocks over there was a huge tree down on a house -- also one down on a house near Sibley Hsp. The next day was gorgeous though! Cool, clear, and clean.

    Love the sunflowers on your header!

  6. Glad you had no damage, and only received a little rain.

  7. What a scare that storm must have been, not knowing wow bad it would be. The news really had us believing the worse and we were spared. In fact not even any rain. So glad all was well for you. Least you got some nice photos!

  8. cute shot of the birds! i like your strategy for riding out the storm. that sounds like so much fun. i wish we could steal just a little slice of all that rain and bring it over here--this whole month boise had 0.00 inches of precipitation, and last month it was only 0.02. luckily it was a very wet winter and spring but it's crazy dry now, the foothills are dangerous crunchy.

  9. Good to know you came through it safely. Hope your feline friends did okay.

  10. I am glad Irene was not as destructive in your area as in others. I worried about the is so cute to see them huddled above your neighbor's door.

  11. I'm glad your farm is okay! I love the way you spent the day. :o)

  12. @Adele--12 hours cooped up in the house=not fun. Thank goodness for internet!

    @Pam--glad you're OK. I hope you get phone service back soon!

    @Cindy--thank you! And I'm so glad your house was OK.


    @GWGT--thanks. I'm glad you were spared the destructive storm!

    @Emily--thanks! I hope you get some rain soon. Wish everything could just be spread out evenly instead of extremes in different parts of the country.

    @Girl Sprout--thanks, yes, the furballs are fine!

    @SageButterfly--I know, the birds were so cute! I think they came through OK.

    @CasaMariposa--thanks! Glad your farm is OK too. :)


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