Saturday, June 15, 2013

June Blooms

hydrangea 6 11 13
While I wait for my vegetable garden to get going, I'm enjoying a few floral blooms...

This is the best my Endless Summer hydrangeas have ever looked. The plant is healthy and I love how the petal colors go from pink to purple to blue. And I think I finally figured out the secret to getting them to look this good--I left them alone! We've gotten so much rain that I haven't bothered to water or obsess about them, and I think they are thriving now that I'm not loving them too much.

My snapdragons have snapped back too.

yellow snap dragons

And here's a nice surprise: the yellow snapdragons reappeared this year! I didn't see them last year and thought that plant had just died. It's so nice to see this bit of yellow in my flower garden that seems to consist of a lot of pink right now.

The blooms are gone now, but in mid/late May the rhododendron was blooming. This variety is called Besse Howell and she's mighty cute. Besse was accompanied by a few pale pink Gerbera daisy blooms.

Lastly there's the Red Mill Andromeda (Pieris japonica 'Red Mill'). The white blooms are gone now, but what I really like about this beautiful shrub is that its new leaf growth is red. It's a nice addition to my garden.

I'm linking up with May Dreams Garden's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Check out the blog to see what other gardeners have blooming in their gardens this month.


  1. Your hydrangea looks so happy! And what a beautiful plant that pieris is. That is one that will not grow well in my area, darnit.

  2. Hydrangeas left to their own devices will surprise us. Mine get a hint of pink now and then from a piece of limestone nearby or the spoonful of lime I give the lilies.

    Snapdragons are usually treated as annuals. Given a chance they'll act as their perennial selves. I let all mine die out. I can see that I need more.

    Your Andromeda is gorgeous.

  3. My hydrangeas are flowering profusely as well this year. I love snapdragons and grow mine from seed but I have never had them reseed. I will plant some in a special spot in the beds and see if I am as lucky as you!

  4. How lovely to see your flowers and blossoms, I'm a huge fan of snapdragons, they do well here and self seed all over the place.xxxx

  5. Your hydrangea is beautiful!! I have perennial snapdragons in a pot that look very similar to yours. :o) My pieris were so miserable I pulled them out years ago. Yours look wonderful!

  6. Wow, your Hydrangea is really healthy! And that Andromeda is quite impressive, too! Happy GBBD!

  7. I didn't plant any snap dragons this year - bad oversight - yours is a very pretty colour.

  8. Everything looks so healthy and beautiful. I don't do much to my hydrangeas either. They seem to like it that way.

  9. oh those hydrangeas! fantastic!!


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