Thursday, August 4, 2011

July Recap and August Anticipation

I'm a few days late in posting my recap for my July garden. My garden has been slow to grow this year compared to last year. Our squash supply seems to have dried up, but we've been collecting a decent amount of cucumbers. The late July heat has kicked the peppers into ripening. We harvested this batch last weekend.

Two of my four sunflower varieties finally bloomed in July, but the blooms only lasted a couple of weeks (teddy bears bloomed mid-July) and coconut ice just last week). The teddy bear (top photo) looks burnt around the edges, thanks to the scorching sun. Bugs seem to have gotten to the coconut ice (bottom), as the petals and leaves have little holes. Sadly, I haven't seen any butterflies or bees around them this year. This truly makes me sad, as sunflowers and bees are one of my favorite garden combos (hence the BumbleLush name and blog picture). 

tomatillo--we can feel the fruit within the husk
tomato harvest August 1
tiny tim tomatoes with eggshells in the soil for added calcium to help prevent blossom end rot
Most of my positive garden thoughts in August are focused on the tomatoes. It seems they've been slow to ripen this year compared to last. We're able to collect a half-pint to a full pint of grapes and early girls every two to three days. That's too slow for me!! The tomatillos seem to be progressing nicely. We can feel the fruit inside the husks. The other tomato plants have fruit ranging in color from red to green.

I love this picture. There's a ripe cluster on the left and a green one on the right. This perfectly captures my hopes for a good tomato harvest in August.


  1. Thanks for mentioning using eggshells to help avoid bottom rot. A friend was struggling with it and I will pass this along. Great pics. I love watching the tomatillos progress. I think my neighbors think I am crazy squeezing my tomatillo husks.

  2. I love that last picture, too! Great! :)

  3. @cohoctonriver--Thank you! I squeeze my tomatillo husks a lot too, LOL. It's fun to watch them grow!

    @Hanni--thank you! Am definitely hoping August is tomato month. :)

  4. Your tomatillos are a bit ahead of ours. Do you have any recipes for them? PS I squeze mine too just to see how they are coming along.

  5. Second time I read about tomatillos in as many days. I've never ever heard of them before! Your tomatoes look great!

  6. Your tomatoes looks great! At least you're getting some red ones. Mine are all still green.


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