Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tomato Plant Progress

So far we have harvested 5 tomatoes! The grape tomatoes are growing nicely and I hope they ripen soon. The pink beefsteak plants each have several fruit. I can't wait to see if they really are pink. And the patio princesses are growing quickly. I see blooms on both the plants, so I expect to see little cherry tomatoes growing in the next few weeks.

patio princess May 27

patio princess June 15

first few cherry tomatoes on the patio princess variety

a cluster of the grape tomatoes

This angle reminds me of a roller coaster hill. You can see some grape tomaotes in various stages of ripening.

Grape tomatoes at night, after a very hard rain. We went outside to make sure none of the plants were damaged. Everything was fine, although the pink beefsteaks needed to be staked for better support.

Night time shot of a regular old tomato plant. As of today, this plant has yielded 6 tomatoes!

pink beefsteak June 7
Within 5 days the smaller tomato in the picture grew, and a brand new one sprouted (June 12)


  1. Looks like you have a green thumb . . . you can ignore my request, Sherry was able to provide your blog address for me. Keep up the good work. Enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables!

  2. " Sooo..Cute! "Oh my goodness I think you are a natural.

    Those are the healthiest looking tomato's I have ever seen!

  3. Hey Tom, great to see you here! And thank you both for the compliments--I don't know about having a green thumb. I have a lot of help. If Matt weren't out there inspecting the plants for aphids and spider mites and then killing them, I think I'd be feeding them instead of myself. :)


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