Monday, June 7, 2010

Garden Check-up - Week 9

Week 9 Progress Report: sunflowers are growing tall enough to provide a little privacy (that's my kitty in the background)

 "J" for "Jalapeno"

Cucumber plants, with jalapeno in the foreground

Squash plants with purple pole beans in background


  1. Hello..Angela I never thought about growing sunflowers that size and height in pots...

    I bought my nieces some sunflower seeds and at first I thought i was going to transplant them into the ground because I thought that they would be too tall for a pot"

    Now that I see how great Yours look I think I'll encourage them to just leave theirs in a pot as well.

  2. Angela, your veggies look so healthy and pretty" Cucumbers, green beans, squash and jalapeno... Now That's what I call dinner..Yummmm!

  3. Thanks Vetsy! I hope the plants stay healthy.
    And yes, sunflowers grow well in container, but you need big containers, depending on the type of sunflower. We grew the giant ones in containers last year and they did well.


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