Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First Harvest 2010

Last weekend we harvested our first few crops--a couple of tomatoes, some yellow squash, and about 10 blueberries.


  1. Hi! Angela what a lovely group of colorful veggies and fruits!

    It is so much fun harvesting the fruits of our labor.

    It's Fun and educational because we are constantly learning something new.

    I just read on the net that I needed at least 25 strawberry plants, If I wanted to obtain a bountiful harvest all summer long"

    Heck, I need that many and More just to have something left after squirrel attacks! LoL!

    Wonderful job you and Matt have done in your garden.

  2. Thanks Vetsy! You're right about learning something new...I've learned that I do not know what to do with strawberries. There are 3 strawberries just starting to grow--finally--on one plant. I hope they make it. Yellow and zucchini squash are surprisingly easy to grow, even in containers.

    I hope your squirrels don't run off with too many of your berries! They must be really sweet. :)


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