Monday, August 20, 2012

What's Happening in the Garden

harvest 8-18
Whenever I'm puttering around the house or garden, I always think of something interesting I want to write on the blog. Then I get to the blank page and I forget everything. My garden posts lately seem boring--they're either rants about what's going wrong or a boring description of what I'm harvesting or growing. When I sat down to write this post last night, I forgot about all the garden happenings I wanted to write about, and all I could think about was how good the wine was that I was drinking. And how there are still two tacos from Chipotle in the fridge and I wondered if I could just scrape off the huge glob of guacamole and eat that while leaving the tacos behind.

So, I thought our squash plants were completely dead, but one of them surprised us. We harvested this one last juicy zucchini from a plant in the raised bed. It weighs 12 ounces--almost a whole pound! And that big red tomato is the one and only Mortgage Lifter. I'm anxious to taste it. I sprayed an Epsom salt and water mixture to the ML plants to see if they get a late season boost. Will keep you posted...

onion harvest 8-18
Other news--our 2 pound onion harvest! There are still 4 or 5 in the ground and I may leave them there just to see what happens. Hopefully they'll flower and attract some pollinators. I've only seen pictures of onion flowers, so I'd love to have some in my garden. It smells so good and onion-y in the little patch where they're growing. And garden pests have pretty much left them alone, which is very nice.

corn 8-12

Our corn stalk seems to be doing really well. If you remember, we'd purchased 8 little sweet corn plants to make use of the raised bed after the potatoes died, but 7 of them got picked off one by one by the Evil Squirrel. The one corn stalk left seems to have produced two ears, which you can sort of see. (clicking on the pic will take you to my flickr page where I tried to tag the ears). I've never grown corn before and am just really excited to see the plant actually growing. I can't wait to harvest and taste it.

strawberries 8-12
Last of all, the strawberry patch is coming back, just as it did last year. The buds aren't as big as they were in early spring, and I'm not sure if we'll be able to harvest much. (Looking at this picture, I can see that the patch really needs to be weeded!) But it's nice to see these little berries coming back for the end of summer.
That's what's happening in my garden. What's going on in yours?

I'm linking up with Daphne's Dandelions Harvest Monday event. Check it out to see what other gardeners are harvesting this week.


  1. Blank pages or rants, they're all good if you ask me. I mean, I wouldn't have added you to my blog list if your posts were boring! Small congrats on your corn as it isn't a plant that I can really grow here given our limited space (although I don't envy you your Evil Squirrel). I did manage to grow blue corn on the first year but they just seemed to demand too much for too little a return.

    1. Thanks Rowena! Wow, blue corn?! I've seen strawberry corn (like for popcorn) and I would love to have enough space to grow different varieties. Very cool!

  2. Corn... Ah... No corn for us this year. It just didn't make not either bed. Wahhh...You are lucky. Normally an ear doesn't get large with only 1 stalk like that, and more than 2 ears on a stalk is amazing.

  3. It is neat to see what is growing and what you are harvesting. I am going over to the neighbors to plant some zucchini seeds in the next few days. Your two ears of corn look wonderful. that will be a great to treat to eat when they are ready. E

  4. I'm glad you got to salvage one of your mortgage lifters. I planted some onions, too. But I'm not sure when to harvest them.

  5. the corn looks beautiful! i love onion flowers too. i keep meaning to post photos i took of mine earlier this season. lovely harvests, congrats!

    and thank you for the kind words about zinnie. :)

  6. Your posts are not boring...I love seeing what is going on in your veg patch. Still harvesting beans and hopefully the zuke plant that has sprung back will produce a few more...I would be eating that guacamole too...mmm...we have lots of small long eggplants and green chiles...tomatoes are just ripening in the beds as the cherries wind down with blight...they look awful ....and it is early blight of all things. Looks like a nice harvest!

  7. Wow! Look at those onions! For some reason I've never had good luck with onions. I'm a bit jealous! I hope your Mortgage Lifter tomato tastes terrible - that way you won't be disappointed that it didn't make more. Good going on the corn. I'm betting it will taste wonderfully sweet. And I'm a little jealous, too, of your strawberries. I've often thought of putting strawberries somewhere, but just haven't found the right spot for them. But one day I will!

  8. Your tomatoes are lovely; I hope you get some corn; usually just a few plants do not pollinate and fill out the ears unless you hand pollinate them.

  9. Guacamole is a meal to me any time of day! I don't think your posts are boring, either. Holley's comment about the tomato is too funny. Awesome onions! :o)

  10. I have days like that where I just stare at a blank page. Your harvest is making my mouth water...wonderful! I finally had to pull out my squash plants to make room for the snowpeas.


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