Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

Now that I'm a "gardener" (gardener wanna-be ;)) I do have a better appreciation for the wonder that is nature. Since the last time I posted pictures, none of the seeds I planted have made enough progress to deserve more photographs, but they're doing well.  It amazes me that all the beautiful flowers, trees, fruit, and vegetables on this planet come about because of the magical combo of dirt, water, sunlight, and a little seed. 

The white azaleas finally bloomed today, and they're the subject of my post. The flowers don't last long, unfortunately, so I'll enjoy them while they're here. Happy Earth Day!


  1. The white Azaleas are lovely.

    I haven't posted any of my little seedlings( Tomato's and pole beans)
    either because I didn't think they were worth posting right now...

    Anyhoo Tomorrow in the afternoon I'll be on my way to the Dentist to have a Wisdom tooth removed..Yikes!

  2. Oh no!! I hope it wasn't too painful and you've recovered!

    Was out of town last week and came back today to find that a lot of the azalea blooms had fallen. They were pretty while they lasted!


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