Sunday, April 4, 2010

New seeds came in!

We finally got the rest of the seeds for our crop this year:

Beans - Purple King (purple green beans, can't wait!!)
Tomato - Patio Princess (determinate)
Cucumber - Picklebush (for pickling)
Summer Squash Collection - butterstick, 2 varieties of yellow, zucchini

This is the first year we're trying to grow tomatoes from seed!

I also ordered a couple of flower seeds: red sunflowers and campanula, which should look like this

Someone was watching to make sure we planted everything right...


  1. Me too" I usually just wait and purchase them as mature plants, But I thought I'd try my hand at growing it straight from the seed. I just planted them and have them growing in an egg carton but have not posted any photos yet.

    They are organic Beefsteaks from Burpbee.

  2. The Campanulas are pretty they remind me of balloon flowers..I think it is also great that they are Heirloom.

  3. I hope you post pics of your tomatoes. I'm curious to see how they grow.

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  5. Yes... As soon as They sprout, I'm going to post their progress from seedling to mature ripped tomato"

    Loved the photo of your kitty in the window...It is so cute!

  6. aw, thanks! he likes to watch us while we're outside, it's pretty funny. :)


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