Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring Fever

Yesterday (Monday) was such a spring tease! Although it was extremely windy, the temps were near 70 and the sun was shining. It felt so good to be outside!

I got a cyclamen plant for Valentine's Day, which I thought was a nice alternative to a bouquet of flowers. I like the unusual petals, almost like they're upside down.
cyclamen petals

I like the hot pink color, it's very retro '80s. I also like that it's a plant--I can move it into my garden or into a bigger pot and keep for longer than a few days, as flower bouquets tend to wither and die in my house quickly. My research says that these plants can bloom through April? I'll see if I can keep it alive that long. I've done OK at figuring out how to grow vegetables, but plants and flowers are still a challenge to me. I've only really invested in some fairly inexpensive annuals to rotate out in the big flower pots in the front yard. I thought maybe this year I would like to try different flowers. I thought about all of this as I sat outside yesterday, soaking in the sunshine. It was such a treat! My yard and deck are small, but I thought about how I would like to make these spots not just spaces for growing my own vegetables, but for being a peaceful retreat from some of the stresses in my life that seem to be piling up. I wonder how to do that well in a small space.

I'll think about this a bit more over the next few weeks. Right now I am so anxious for spring! There aren't many living things in my yard right now (just a little pine tree and a very cute kitten)...


...and my rosemary plant, which seems to have recovered nicely from the heavy snow 3 weeks ago!

2-14 rosemary

I had to take the cat to the vet yesterday for his one-year check up (it was also his one year adoption anniversary!) so I took the day off to do that and run some other errands that can only be done during regular business hours. I am so glad that I got to enjoy the weather and not be stuck inside a drab, gray office building on an unexpectedly nice day.

And this was our yummy dinner--because it was warm enough to fire up the grill. Come quickly, spring!!!
valentine meal


  1. Hang in there. Spring is not far away. I am thinking about starting seeds now in my unheated greenhouse.

  2. Nice pink for sure!! Container gardening is so much fun to me!

  3. I was so surprised to see rosemary covered in snow, yet rebounding. Not a plant for our local. I had to look where you are from. A bit warmer and a better zone. And I did see the post with it in the snow. Poor thing.

  4. Thank you all for stopping by! I know, I keep telling myself to hang in there for a few more weeks, the warm temperatures are coming!

  5. What a lovely Valentine's Day you had! Cyclamen are a favorite. Happy Bloom Day.

  6. I enjoy the few cyclamen that I have planted and somehow they come back each year. I think they are hardier than they look. What a cute kitty and I must say your dinner does look yummy and healthful...makes me hungry just looking at it!

  7. The daylily that you admired is, I think, Pandora's Box. The most often made mistake with daylilies is planting them too deep.

    Oh, and the daylily in the biggest picture with all the blooms is one from seed I begged from someone's garden. She told me she'd tried planting seed and they were always ugly. This one was a winner. I gave it the garden name of 'Meet My Sister.'

  8. Ooh, spectacular pink plant. I love your cat too.

  9. Loved your photos. The cat too. And dinner does look good. :)

    Goldenray Yorkies

  10. Thank you everyone for stopping by. It's been fun getting to know new garden people!

  11. My mom has one of those that my little brother and i got her about 10 years ago...and it still gets flowers! and she isn't exactly the best with plants if you know what i mean :)

    Lovely blog!


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