Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend in the Garden: Tomato and Pepper Seed Starting

pepper & tomato seeds 2, originally uploaded by Bumble Lush.
pepper & tomato seeds 1

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous here in northern VA. We opened the windows to let fresh air in, and my cat came out on the deck to enjoy the sunshine and keep me company while I started some seeds.

These are leftover seeds from last year, and I didn't have as many as I thought. I put bell pepper seeds in the green containers and tomato seeds in the purple containers. The bell peppers were part of a variety pack. They could be any color, but I'm really hoping for purple peppers, since none of the ones I planted last year were purple. The tomatoes I planted are determinate and good for containers.

It's not yet warm enough to leave these outside, so I brought them in and set them near one of the heating vents on the floor of the kitchen. They are covered with plastic wrap to keep heat and moisture in. This worked well with a hot pepper plant I started indoors two years ago, and that plant is still going strong. Fingers crossed that I get seedlings out of all these little pots!

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  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your little seedlings. It will be a while before It's warm enough here in Michigan to start seeds outdoors as well, however, I'm sure your climate will be warming than mine before Easter.

    Just reading about seeds and warm weather brings a big smile to my face! love the photo of your kitty relaxing in the sun, I bet it felt great!

    Thank you for stopping by.


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