Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Garden Recap: Lazy and Rainy

Hydrangea buds

patio princess seedlings

A rough work week and cold, rainy weekend made me feel very lazy and somewhat unproductive this past weekend. I did notice the hydrangea plants had sprouted some buds. That to me was my personal official notification that spring is on its way. I was also happy to see that the tomato seeds I planted last Sunday have already sprouted. I can't wait for it to be warm enough to get them outside!

I had planned to hit up some nurseries and look for seeds, both vegetable and flower, but I didn't quite get around to it. However, while at Whole Foods, I noticed they finally put seeds out for sale, and I bought oat grass seeds for our cat. We planted the last of his seeds in September and I didn't replenish his seed stock before winter. The poor thing has had to live off a pet store cat grass kit all winter that just didn't grow grass as fully as the real seeds. I know he'll be happy once we get his little garden growing.

And now Monday, bleh.

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