Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On the Right Track

Although spring has officially been here for a month, I don't usually feel like we've really hit spring until mid- to late-April. The temperatures here in DC have been nice and mild during the day, but still chilly at night, perfect for leaving the windows open to let the cool breezes in. I love it! I don't even mind the rainy days. There's something about April showers that I find peaceful. They're not cold like winter showers and don't leave the air thick and muggy like in the summer. I mostly feel this change from winter to spring quite literally in my skin; it's not as dry anymore as it was over the winter months.

Garden work is going well too. We have pretty much started seeds for all the vegetables we want to grow this summer, which I have listed on the Growing this Season tab. We'll be staggering the planting of squash and beans to get a steady flow over the summer. I actually did just realize that I meant to buy cucumber seeds, so that is one last thing on my list of things to plant.

Although spring just got here, I'm anxious for the summer harvest. I dug up some random pictures of my garden from last year, including some of the vegetables we harvested, which is just making my anticipation build. Crossing my fingers for a good growing season for my garden, and for all gardens big and small!


  1. isn't it so exciting looking at photos from last season? i've been doing that a bit too. i think i fantasize about my garden more than i actually work on it.

  2. Yes! I think I do the same, and the garden in my dreams always looks better than what I actually get.


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