Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day 2011

Thanks to my new work schedule, I have every other Friday off, and today happens to be a day off from work for me. On this Earth Day I though it would be appropriate to spend time in the garden, tackling some of that weeding I didn't do last weekend, but the skies are cloudy and gray and they're forecasting rain. Since today is also Good Friday, this gloomy weather seems appropriate to mark the solemn occasion for those of us who celebrate Easter. (Ever since I was a little kid, I've noticed that every Good Friday is overcast. Hmmm).  So I'll try to do as much in the yard as I can, but I'm not a hard-core enough gardener to go out in the drizzle and work. I do, however, want to buy some rain barrels or larger containers to collect rainwater than the little can I have on the deck right now.

This year I also want to be better at documenting the different growth stages of my seeds. I love seeing the fruit form, but I think my most favorite part of gardening is seeing the seedling emerge from the soil, like in the second picture above. It still fascinates me to think of how a tiny little seed can grow into a plant and produce a flower, or tomato, or tree. It's pretty cool. The pictures above are of squash and bean seeds that we started indoors the first week of April. They have already emerged and in another week or so we're going to move them outside. Although I promised myself that I don't want to spend my day off work on the computer, I'm already dreaming of the different dishes I want to cook with the squash, so I'm off to do a little recipe hunting. Happy Earth Day!


  1. I Angela. I look forward to see what you plant this year. I am behind in my blogging and gardening plans due to my busy school schedule.

    Thank goodness for garden center plants that I can buy and drop in the garden because I don't have time to grow from seeds.

    Your blog and the other garden bloggers' here at Blog spot keep me motivated and smiling.

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Hi Vetsy! Thanks for stopping by. How's school going? I make use of the garden center plants sometimes too. :)

  3. i love seeing the seedlings emerge too...there's so much potential when they first come up.

    it's funny, my mom said the same thing about good friday always being crappy weather, and she said easter is usually nice and sunny. this year we have the opposite...sunny on friday and rain predicted for tomorrow.

  4. @Emily, Yes so much potential, and so much hope riding on that tiny little seed. :) Sorry about your rainy Easter Sunday. It actually started raining here in the afternoon. At least we got a few hours of sunshine.


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