Monday, October 31, 2011

A Halloween October Garden Recap

The month of October got away from me. I've composed a month's worth of posts in my head, but never got around to recording them in my online journal. This is a recap of what went on this month:

  • October ended with snow. SNOW!  We woke up on Saturday to heavy rain, which then turned into icy rain, and then turned into snow by late afternoon. The snow didn't stick, but it was still bizarre to have such freezing temperatures this early in the year. Apparently this has been record-breaking all along the east coast. 
  • There haven't been many fall colors in the neighborhood this year. This is the only tree in the neighborhood that has changed leaves.

  • We've been harvesting handfuls of tomatoes throughout the month--nothing like an August harvest, but I've enjoyed these late blooming tomatoes.

  • The peppers get gold stars this year. They all have continued to crank out fruit, as I mentioned in my post at the beginning of the month. 

  • Even Pickles' cat grass has continued to grow well.

But here's the REAL reason I haven't been able to post much this month:
Another batch of foster kittens! We've had them for about 4 weeks, and even though there are only three of them, they've been sick and not eating well so I've been spending a lot of time with them--more than with the five foster kittens I had earlier this year. This little trio is much healthier now and gaining weight nicely. I think in two weeks they'll be ready to go up for adoption--just in time for Thanksgiving!
{Update: picture removed because the little girl kitten didn't make it. Too sad for me to have it here.}

And it hasn't escaped my attention that today is Halloween--one of the funnest days of the year because you're never too old to dress up and ask strangers for candy. Happy Halloween!!


  1. Funny that it snowed before the leaves started turning! I always thought the trees and plants would know what the weather was going to do. Your pepper plants look fabulous! And I hope your new foster kitties are adopted out to some wonderful, loving family.

  2. More foster kitties! You and Mr. BL are kind souls.

  3. Aww-w..poor kitties...hope they continue to improve. We were supposed to get a bit of snow, but we did not. I am glad...not ready for it yet.

  4. Snow! I'm not ready for that! Our peppers are producing much better now that the hot summer is over. Funny, because peppers usually are the one vegetable that will flourish in my summer garden.

    The kitties are so cute. I hope they find good homes where the good care you have given will continue.

  5. @Holley Garden - Yes, it was a bizarre weather weekend, though thankfully we didn't get anything like what they got in New England!

    @Girl Sprout - aw, thanks! This is what happens to kids who aren't allowed to have pets as children, LOL.

    @Sage Butterfly--thank you! And I'm OK with going an entire winter with very little snowfall too!

    @Deb's Garden - Great to hear your peppers are still producing! And thanks, I appreciate the positive thoughts on behalf of the little kittens!

  6. We aren't having much fall color here in PA. I am glad to know there is another adult who dresses up for Halloween.

  7. I love your kitties!! I had the hardest time giving up my foster dogs, which is why I have five!! I was surprised by how well my garden survived our weird rain/snow cold snap. Your peppers look great!!


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