Monday, January 9, 2012

An Open Letter to Mother Nature

{hydrangea buds on January 7, 2012}

Dear Mother Nature,
I don't mind if you want to give us a mild winter. I won't complain if there is very little snow this year. But 65* in January?! You're confusing my hydrangeas (and other plants, birds, insects, etc).

A Concerned Gardener

Some of you in the U.S. have commented on the warmer temperatures in your areas, too. Is it feeling like winter yet where you are?


  1. So very true, but I think it is like writing to Santa, pot luck if you get a response. She deserves an ear lashing the way things have been going lately.

  2. I think I have some daffodils coming up. Very strange weather indeed!

  3. Nice to see buds forming even if it is way too early.

  4. haha - like writing to Santa Claus! Yes, it's mild here, but that's not so unusual in Texas. We sometimes don't get cold weather until January or February. But it's interesting that the north is having such mild temps.

  5. Awesome! do you have more pictures!


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