Sunday, June 17, 2012

Eggs and Asparagus

Asparagus season has run its course around these parts. I'm seeing a lot of garlic scapes, peaches, and cherries at the farmers' markets, and my own garden is full of squash blossoms. For my All Local meals this week I used up the rest of my asparagus in a couple of egg dishes.

The first plate is a fried egg with steamed asparagus and the last strawberries from my edible garden. Looking at this plate makes me realize that so many of my local meals are small portions. There's so much plate showing! Had this not been an all-local dish, I would have had a few pieces of toast or a mountain of hash browns on it.

asparagus and boiled egg
For the next dish I was inspired by one of Mark Bittman's 101 Summer Salads. I chopped up a hard-boiled egg and mixed it with some steamed asparagus and added some shaved bits of raw asparagus on top. I just added olive oil, salt, and ground pepper, and it was a yummy breakfast dish.

Click here if you'd like to learn more about the SSFC eat local challenge I'm participating in, and click here to read about the delicious dishes that my other participant friends are eating.

I think I'm asparagus-ed out for now! It was fun to come up with different ways to eat it, but I'm ready for the next vegetable of the season. What are some of your favorite ways for eating asparagus?


  1. You made me chuckle thinking about a pile of hashbrowns...we must be kindred spirits. I've never met a potato I didn't like :)

    We picked up some fresh tomatoes at the farmers market the other day and they were so good...amazing, actually! No asparagus recipes of note...just a little olive oil and baked at 400 for 8 minutes...always tasty.

    1. We ARE kindred spirits--I've never met a potato I didn't like either!

  2. that first dish looks really simple and elegant. my favorite asparagus treatment is roasting with olive oil, salt and pepper. good on the grill, too. i started growing asparagus for the first time this year! it's doing really well so far but i can't harvest it until next year or the year after.

  3. Both egg dishes look great. I was so strict with myself during the DDC and would only use local ingredients. For the SSFC I notice I am lightening up a bit. So many meals contain local ingredients and I feel good about that. I always have toast with eggs and I didn't with DDC. But you reminded me that I have some potatoes that I harvested.... sounds like an upcoming SSFC meal to me. eggs and potatoes! YUM! Our asparagus is long gone. Yours looks wonderful with your eggs.

  4. Both your asparagus dishes look yummy! Good luck for the rest of your challenge.

  5. I think I cook asparagus like everyone else, olive oil salt and pepper and grill them. Sometimes, I add a little garlic. The egg salad looks like a yummy way to incorporate veggies into breakfast.

  6. Eggs & asparagus are a perfect pairing! I'm such a fan of a poached egg over grilled asparagus, mmm. Your salad looks especially fantastic--love the Bittman inspiration!


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