Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Squash Blossoms

first squash blossom 2012, originally uploaded by Bumble Lush.

My zucchini and summer squash plants have really come to life in the last week. This first flower appeared last week on a yellow crookneck plant.

I've seen many bees and butterflies in my garden, but I helped the pollinators along a little by using a QTip to pollinate some of the female flowers. (You can see that we re-use some of our containers; this yellow squash plant is in an old Endless Summer hydrangea pot). I've already seen small batches of zucchini and yellow squash at the farmers' market. I hope my little plants catch up soon. 

container zucchini 6/3/12
We started most of our squash from seed but bought a few plants as well. One of the new varieties I'm trying is this Astia zucchini from Renee's Garden, designed for specifically for containers, which is perfect for us because that's how we grow. I started two of these from seed and it looks like I may be picking some soon. The zucchini are very small, which I suppose is to be expected since they're designed for containers.

I always hear about people growing so much squash that they drown it and have to give it away or sneak bags of it onto their friends' and neighbors' porches. I have NEVER grown that much squash, but I would love to know what it feels like.

What about you? Are you growing squash? Do you ever have so much extra that you have to give it away?


  1. This year I've instituted some drastic measures not to be that loathesome woman with the bag of squash. I planted exactly 3 zuchini seeds. All 3 plants came up and should have a FEW ready to pick this week.

  2. No squash this summer in my garden but I am the happy recipient of the neighbor's abundant crop!

  3. I planted one zucchini plant and am hoping it doesn't overrun it's designated square foot. :) Great photos!

  4. I am trying the same variety from Renee's. Planted the seeds Memorial day weekend and it is slowly progressing, but I bet it will do well...I will let you know and we can compare notes :)

  5. I love squash, but I decided to limit my summer veggie plantings to tomatoes and peppers this year. Well, today I found a volunteer squash plant! And to let me know it meant business, it already has a bloom on it, though the plant itself is still quite small. So maybe I'll get a little fresh squash after all.

  6. Your zucchini looks like it growing great. I have battled the dreaded squash vine borers the past two growing season. I am trying again, but they are growing very slowly and not producing yet. Happy to buy at the farmers market, would much rather be the recipient of a bag left on my door step!


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