Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On the Grill: SSFC Week 4

This is my first non-vegetarian local meal of the challenge. I've been looking for a new local beef vendor, and I think I found a good go-to source of grass-fed beef at the new farmers' market I've started going to on Fridays. The temperature and humidity dropped yesterday so we decided to grill up some burgers using the ground beef from Smith Family Farm. The verdict--it's good beef! It had nice flavor and wasn't as fatty-tasting as the other beef had become from my old vendor.

grilled peaches
grilled peaches - I need to add amaretto next time, I think.

The rest of my plate contained vegetables from both the farmers' market and my own garden. I didn't have any buns (local or not), so we ate our burgers with a knife and fork. How very sophisticated. Do you still call it a burger when there's no bread?
On the plate:
  • ground beef patties - Smith Family Farm, VA
  • tomatoes - Stafford, VA
  • peaches - grilled up, can't remember the name of the VA vendor
  • new potatoes and vidalia onions (rubbed with salt and olive oil and cooked over the grill) - Stafford, VA
  • banana peppers, yellow squash, zucchini - my garden!

squash harvest 6-25
yellow squash and zucchini harvested from my garden June 24, 2012

I just realized that all my ingredients came from VA! I walk through the markets so jealous of all the produce. My garden has been a slow producer so far. We harvested about a pound of squash and half pound of banana peppers, so those got grilled up last night too. I hope by the end of the summer to have a whole dish all from my home garden.


  1. I've never had grilled peaches, I'll have to try that....when the guilt of not eating local subsides.

  2. Grilled meals are the best--love the peaches (which would taste amazing with amaretto, my goodness).

  3. love Smith Family Farms...good meat. This look delicious.

  4. Oh I'm so glad you liked the beef from Smith Family Farms! We're really happy with them too!

  5. I grill nectarines. One of my friends suggests using balsamic vinegar on the peaches, but amaretto sounds tastier.

  6. I am with you in hoping for a whole meal from the garden in a month or so...that meal looks amazing.

  7. OK, this is really unfair because I am just about to head out for dinner and I am soooo hungry! ;-) Amaretto on peaches--wow, that sounds great!

  8. We used to get quite a bit of our beef from Smith. They're not far from us. Once summer hits we eat a lot of VA produce, eggs, and meat. It's also easy to get local honey, jams, and wine. Your meal looks wonderful!

  9. Nice summer evening meal. I would still call it a burger w/o a bun!


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