Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just an Omelet

We're seven days into 2013 but it wasn't until today that I felt like it was really the New Year, and not just because I'm in withdrawal from not hearing "Winter Wonderland" or "Sleigh Ride" 200 times a day. Last week at work a lot of people were still on vacation, but yesterday many meetings started popping up on the schedule. The Metro is crowded once again, and --here's how I really know the new year has started -- the number of people in my gym classes has doubled.

January is the time to get back to my routine, and I'm playing catch-up in a few areas, such as with my local food challenges. I recently missed our themed Brunch Week, and while I had ideas about whipping up some fantastic apple pancakes, on Sunday we decided on just a plain old omelet. I tried to make it fancy with spinach and mozzarella. 

Omelet - all local ingredients 1/6
Locally sourced ingredients for omelet
It may  be hard to see where everything came from in the pic so I listed it here.
  • Eggs - Bivalve, MD (but purchased at WF in the local food section)
  • Mozzarella - from the Blue Ridge Dairy in VA
  • Butter - this butter came from PA, but I;m actually switching to a non-dairy/non-soy butter
  • Spinach - farmers' market (frozen)
  • Onion - harvested from my garden earlier this year
  • Bell pepper - from my garden. We have overwintered some pepper plants indoors and they're still producing!

Omelet - all local ingredients 1/6
 Here's the best part--all that gooey cheese inside. You can click on the SSFC badge above to see what other Challenge participants are eating this week.


  1. oh wow, homegrown bell pepper in january! that is so awesome. :) looks so tasty. i'm really into omelettes right now...bell pepper, onion, mushrooms and non-dairy jack cheese, yumm. i definitely want to try one with spinach now.

  2. Omelets are so easy! With the mozzarella it kind of made me think of pizza.

  3. Yum! Now you have me all hungry, and I just ate lunch! I just received an update from my CSA farm about the coming growing season, and I am so excited! I sure miss the fresh, local veggies from November through April!

  4. Now I am hungry...love this idea of eating locally...hard here but I will have to check it out to see what we can find that meets our food needs as I only want organic foods and it has been hard to find locally...found a new potential source but they do not have produce during winter

  5. My mouth is watering! Seriously! I MUST have that for my tea tonight.xxxxx

  6. Your omelet looks delish! I love how local everything is. Check out overthegrassfarm.net. They have wonderful produce and meat. I sent you an email. :o)

  7. Love your omelet! Fantastic about your pepper plants still producing. That is a really treat this time of year when looking for local stuff.


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