Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Love Note to Seed Catalogs


Remember those ground cherries I harvested last summer? I don't either, I only I harvested almost a full pint, not really enough to do anything with...

Ground Cherry Crisp recipe

But now I have something to shoot for this year. My Baker Creek seed catalog arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago. I found this recipe in it for ground cherry crisp. I was debating whether to grow ground cherries again this year and when I saw this recipe, I got inspired to try again.  I hope to grow enough to make dessert.

2013 Baker Creek catalog

Baker Creek is my favorite seed catalog. The pictures of food and flowers are so good. They're worthy of framing, I think. They certainly inspire me to try growing different things, which is probably why the company invests so much effort into making such a gorgeous catalog.

Look at that purple cauliflower! I'd love to see something like that at my farmers' market.

2013 Baker Creek catalog

Look at all these carrots! Makes me want to try growing them again.

last year I grew a cucumber variety called Beit Alpha, which I ordered from Baker Creek. It did well. This year I have their Bronze D'Amposta red onions that I want to try. I need to get them started soon.

2013 Baker Creek catalog

I can't wait to grow sunflowers again!

This time of year is probably very difficult for gardeners. As all the seed catalogs arrive we have to decide what our garden will look like for the coming seasons. The tough part for me is not getting carried away. I hope one day to have a real back yard with more space where I won't have to restrict my seed purchases so much.


  1. I think we all get a bit carried away, Angela, when those seed catalogs start to arrive. That purple cauliflower is amazing. P. x

  2. Angela I have to get started with my inventory and order...I have been so swamped at work I am not even thinking gardening which is not your post reminded me to do some planning and ordering...I love the many colored carrots...fresh carrots are amazing...I am trying onions this year too in my new garlic/onion bed. Happy planning and dreaming.

  3. I just ordered my seeds. Mostly, just a few tomatoes. I tried not to get carried away. I have a lot of seeds left from last year! In fact, each year I order less and less as I realize just how much space I have, vs. how much space I would need to order everything all I want!

  4. My, that catalog does look good. They do tempt you to grow all sorts though.

    I do love the look of those ground cherries, I would have been thrilled to have grown any at all!

    Purple cauli? wow!xxxxx

  5. Funny thing, I just did a post about seed catalogs too. Must be something in the air!

    Ground cherries? That's such a cool thing. I"m not sure I've gotten Baker Creek yet, I'm going to have to look for that. Thanks!!


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