Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter Bloomers

Snapdragon 2
I should have titled this post Winter Blooms, but that wouldn't have been as fun!

I took this picture of my snapdragon plant on Sunday. While all the other flowers in my yard died off months ago, this little plant has toughed it out through snow, freezing rain, sub-freezing temperatures, and the crazy warm spells we've had this winter.

I first planted the snapdragons in spring 2011, and the plant died back that fall of 2011. I expected the plant to die back again this past fall, but it's still here.

There is still snow on the ground from last Friday, but tomorrow it's supposed to be in the high-60s! I don't know how this flower has toughed out the wacky temperatures when none of the others have, but it's nice to see this little red flower every day. I hope it lasts through the rest of the winter.

And since I mentioned bloomers, I feel like I should include some of those too. If they came in flannel I would probably buy them and wear them throughout the month of February:

Source: bing.com via Renee on Pinterest

Any winter bloomers in your garden?


  1. Tee hee. I didn't even think of that type of bloomers--but you've made me smile. I can't believe you have Snapdragons in January! That's wild!

  2. Hahahaha...lovin your bloomers!!! And the snapdragons, brought a smile to my face.xxxxx

  3. I love both your bloomers....:) I will be starting snapdragons from seed soon...love them!

  4. What an amazing snapdragon! I've never grown these flowers, but still I'm surprised how durable it's been.

  5. I have some knautia that is still blooming! But that's about it. LOVE your fearless snapdragon!

  6. I watched the news this evening. I hope you're safe and the storm passes quickly.

  7. That is one head strong snapdragon!


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