Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fall Colors

I logged on the other day and could not believe that 4 months have passed since I last posted. So much has happened since my July post--most notably, I got married! Wedding and honeymoon planning, as well as a very busy work schedule, consumed the rest of our summer and all of September. We left for our honeymoon at the end of September, when the temperatures were still warm and a little humid, and came back 2 weeks later to a very chilly mid-October climate. The benefit to the cooler temperatures are the beautiful leaf color changes. I was able to snap these pictures of some of the trees in our neighborhood before the leaves came down.

This is the most beautiful tree in our neighborhood. I love how the leaves go from bright red at the top to lighter reds and orange and then yellow towards the bottom. (And sadly, the prettiest tree belongs to the meanest person! But that's a story for another blog).

 Yellow and blue and green
The last few evergreen trees standing after our back-to-back blizzards last February.

I need to do a final summary of our summer vegetable garden. So much catching up to do and the Christmas season is upon us!


  1. congratulations on getting married! and welcome back!

  2. Thanks Emily! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. The roast you posted about sounded good. :)


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