Monday, December 6, 2010

Final Harvest

Drumroll.....this is our final harvest of the year, collected last weekend. The tomatoes are green and I'm hoping they'll ripen inside the warm house. The peppers look and smell good and will taste delicious in a soup or sauce. The temperatures have now plummeted below freezing at night, so we brought some of our hot pepper plants inside. I'm not sure if they'll survive inside through the winter. We may have waited too long to bring them in, and the spider mites were HORRIBLE this summer. I wonder if any are dormant in the soil like they were last winter. Our cat swatted at a jalapeno pepper plant and it seemed to stress the plant out enough to activate the spider mites that were hidden inside, which then took over the plant. It's a little sad to bring these plants in. I guess winter's here now, though it's not officially winter yet. Until next spring...


  1. wow, tomatoes and peppers in december, crazy! i harvested the last of mine almost exactly a month ago and that seemed late to me.

  2. I know, right? I don't have high hopes for the tomatoes (they're STILL green) but I think the peppers will be OK, especially if we blend them into sauce or something. Or maybe grill them. :)

  3. wow! what a nice ending! Those veggies are just in time for a winter soup! or to add to a winter stew. The weather here in Michigan has been crazy!.. Mild one week in the (40's) and freezing cold the next week in the 20's with freezing wind and wind chill's below 12. Brrrrr!

    I have not been blogging as much because I started back to school in September, but when time permits, I stop by to see what's up with everyone.

    Have a good day!


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