Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where Did These Come From?

When I went outside to water my crops yesterday I noticed a few things I hadn't noticed the day before:

The first grape tomatoes seemingly appeared overnight.
The stems on one of the green tomatillo plants is all twisted and tangled up in itself. It looks really cool.
I got really excited when I thought this was cilantro, but I was tricked. It's parsley. These popped up overnight, it seems. Cilantro is our nemesis. We had trouble growing it last year, and the pot where we planted it this year shows no signs of life yet. I would love to be able to grow full bunches of cilantro. 


  1. How exciting! your tom's look so healthy. I hear ya on the cilantro, its my fave herb to eat but apparently least fave to grow, 3yrs later and I'm still trying ;)

  2. I love that about plants...appearing from nowhere....

  3. @Julia--oh I'm glad someone else has this problem! :) Cilantro is actually my favorite herb too, and of course I can't grow it!

  4. Hi i am new here, i am amused with your post. Maybe you missed 2 nights instead of just one! haha

  5. love those grape tomatoes--i get so excited when every flower on a stalk sets fruit like that! it looks so pretty. sorry about your parsley/cilantro thing--i'd be happy if i were you, i love parsley and hate cilantro. but i hope your curse breaks this year and you get some good cilantro plants.


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