Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Few June Blooms

While I wait for my vegetables to pop out, I'm enjoying some of the blooms that have appeared in my garden.
water lily from our goldfish pond
The goldfish pond has four water lilies in bloom. I don't have a picture of all four in bloom and will have to wait for the weekend to capture that shot since they only open in the morning. Sadly, I haven't seen our resident pond frog this spring. I hope he (or she?) returns. A couple of years ago we saw a second frog, a smaller one, but it didn't stay long and we haven't seen it since.

The butterfly bush has flowers; now they just need to turn purple. I've seen many white and yellow sulfurs fluttering around it.
endless summer hydrangeas

An Endless Summer hydrangea bloom in two shades.
cucumber plant
The cucumber plant has a blossom. It's always exciting to see blossoms appear on the vegetables.

coconut ice sunflower seedling
After planting them just last week, two Coconut Ice sunflower seedlings have emerged. They look very similar to the Chianti Hybrids (oh, please don't let me have mixed up the seeds).

The petunias don't seem to mind the heat. I come home from work and all the other flowers, like the hydrangeas, are drooping over, but the petunias are always perky.

Today I'm linking to May Dreams Gardens Garden Blogger Bloom Day. There are lots of beautiful flowers in bloom this month.


  1. Petunia's are real troopers in this hot weather. I love your hydrangeas too. I'm sure your excited to get the vegies.

  2. Gorgeous waterlilies, makes me want to go out and put in a pond! Lovely pic's...Cheers!

  3. My cukes are blooming as well. I can't wait to have that first cucumber. And I love the water pretty!

  4. I always think of the writer Henry Mitchell when I think of gardens like yours around D.C.
    Your hydrangeas look lovely! Mine are just beginning. Our spring has been sooooo slow but Summer has finally arrived!
    Left a message on Blotanical;-)
    aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz

  5. @Darla--thank you!

    @Ann--The petunias really surprised me. Who knew they could be so hardy?

    @Julia--Thanks! I wish the water lilies stayed open for longer.

    @SageButterfly--I know it's not good to wish your life away, but I wish it were July already for all the vegetables.

    @BayArea--thank you! I will have to look up Henry Mitchell. :) I'm glad the weather is warming up for you now.

  6. Waterlilies! I love them! Isn't it rewarding to see those blossoms on your veggies? Hope you get some tasty cukes. :)

  7. i love those waterlilies. the chianti seedlings that came up for me where much darker than that one and reddish purple in color, so i bet you didn't mix them up.

  8. Oh, I just love water lilies! Your fish look very happy. Ponds are one of my favorite things. Happy GBBD!

  9. I envy your goldfish pond! Your water lilies are so beautiful, and I would waste a lot of time watching the fish!I also grow 'Endless Summer'. It has become a favorite. In my acid soil it is bright ocean blue.


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