Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Early June Garden

blueberry bush

black krim


  1. yum, blueberries! looks like your broccoli is sprouting another round? i hope that evil little cabbage moth isn't laying eggs. those bugs drive me crazy.

  2. I like seeing your summer fruit and veg coming on, while we are having a cold winter.

  3. Everything looks so healthy and ready to burst!

  4. @Emily--yeah--that broccoli plant was one that didn't grow as fast as the others. Suddenly it's taking off! And I think that was a sulfer butterfly. But something is clearly chewing on those leaves. :(

    @Catmint--we're actual in the middle of a heat advisory now. I wish I had a little of your cool temperatures right now.

    @SageButterfly--thank you!

  5. i'm pretty sure that's a cabbage moth :( sorry... i can't grow anything in the cabbage family without covering them because there are so many of those here, they swarm in and lay their eggs, then their babies swiss cheese the leaves. even last year when i netted all my brassicas they still found a way in somehow. if you look underneath the leaves you should be able to see some tiny green caterpillars. you're lucky though, they haven't hit you very hard yet.


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