Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Whoops--not a Chocolate Pepper

A back post that got lost in draft form--I thought I had planted sweet chocolate pepper seeds last spring, and was excited to see the dark brown peppers emerge. In mid-September the colors started to change. I then went on vacation, expecting to see dark brown peppers when I came back.

I guess the seeds got mixed up because my peppers turned red, not brown. I'm not entirely sure what happened--I guess there were red bell seeds in the packet instead of chocolate ones. I actually didn't have any red bell peppers seeds last spring and was a little bummed that I forgot to order some. But I guess things worked out all right because I got the red bells I wanted. We'll try for Sweet Chocolates again next spring. (Peppers in my 2011 garden listed here)


  1. Love how the garden just sometimes gives us just what we want! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. I had something like that happen this summer. I planted a whole pot of red carrots but only one came out red. I'll be in your area today-in Old Town. :o) I saw a book and thought of you. It's called The Vegetable Gardener's Container Bible by Ed Smith. Last summer I grew tomatoes, carrots, and beets in a pot. This summer I want to grow carrots again, a different tomato (I need a shorter plant), and potatoes. It would be wonderful to meet someday. Merry Christmas to everyone at BumbleLush!

  3. Oh, and @Casa Mariposa--I have that book! And interstingly, I tried growing carrots this year too, which didn't turn out so well. What did you do in OT? :)


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