Thursday, December 8, 2011

Garden Wish List

A few things on my garden wish list...

 1. A fall/winter garden - I had planned to have one this year, but it didn't quite happen. Maybe next year...

2. Watermelon and Corn - This comes down to needing more space. These just can't be grown in containers. We sort of grew watermelon last year, but the one melon that popped up really didn't get very big, and I can't even remember how it tasted (probably bad).

3. Citrus trees - I would love to have lemon and lime trees, and maybe an orange tree. I actually did have a dwarf meyer lemon tree once, and I think I killed it by over-fertilizing. That was a few years ago. I know a little bit more about gardening now, and have better resources online, so I'm thinking of trying again.

{image via Seed Savers Exchange}

4. Cilantro - my nemesis. One day I shall conquer you. (Then again, we found a Latin grocer that sells 3 bunches of cilantro for $1, so...)

5. Potatoes - I eat so many potatoes, I really wish I had space to grow them. I love the blue & purple ones. I've been reading about how to grow them in containers. We're thinking of building a box to grow tubers next year. That would be so awesome.

What's on your garden wish list?


  1. Hi. Great list. Don't worry to much about the corn. I have room to grow corn and I find it to be a pain in the butt. For me I'll take the garden space and support a local farmer. I have had really good results with Johnny's Selected Seeds Calypso Cilantro, they say its the last of their varieties to bolt....

  2. I agree with cohoctonriverrockminifarm - we grew corn and got very little out of ours. I passed on a meyer lemon tree last year and have been kicking myself over that decision ever since. I hope next year I see another - it'll be mine in a flash! My garden wish is that I get things planted when they're supposed to be, instead of always procrastinating!

  3. You both make an excellent point--it IS fun to shop at farmers' markets and support my community. I would just like to have space to experiment. :)
    HolleyGarden--I hope you find another meyer lemon tree, and let me know how it works for you!

  4. I wish for a long and warm Spring and the energy to get my Fall/Winter garden started in the sweltering heat of August. Good luck with your wishes!

  5. My only wish for the garden next year is that my planned wildflower garden is successful.

  6. I really want to grow potatoes in a pot next summer, too!! I want to grow blue ones so I can terrify my family. :o) I want more roses although I have NO room for them.

    My Louisiana irises 'Velvet Elvis' have grown so much I need to divide them next summer. Do you want a chunk? I grow them in a pot on my patio. :o)


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