Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dark Days of Winter Week 2: Breakfast

Week 2 is all about my favorite meal: breakfast.

Growing my own vegetables is still fairly new to me, and making a conscious effort to eat meals comprised only of local foods is something I've never done before, so during this challenge I will probably keep things simple so that I don't fail or get discouraged, but as time goes by I want to be creative and try ingredient combos that I've never had before.

This week's meal was very simple--just an omelet made with SOLE (sustainable, organic, local, ethical) eggs, vegetables from my garden, and some veggies from the farmers' market.

I buy the eggs at my favorite cheese shop in D.C. (which, ironically, does not sell any local cheeses).

I love buying these eggs because they always come in a variety of colors, including green! I believe it's the Araucana chicken that lays greenish-blue eggs. Is it strange that I'm a full-grown adult and I get excited about green eggs?

Our garden produced a lot of peppers this year, so we try to include them in as many dishes as we can. These cherry peppers are sweet and taste really good grilled or just steamed.

My SOLE Omelet:
- 2 eggs (local farm)
- butter (exception: I use a dairy-free, soy-free butter)
- spinach (farmers' market)
- 1 small potato (famers' market)
- cherry peppers (my garden)
- 1 tomatillo (my garden)
- rosemary (my garden)

And although I didn't do a side-by-side comparison of these eggs and grocery-store-bought eggs for 79¢/dozen, I can tell you that the SOLE eggs had flavor so rich, natural, and truly "egg-like" that they were well worth the extra dollars.


  1. I get eggs locally, too, and Yes - I can tell a difference! And I get excited about the green ones, too! Your omelet looks good!

  2. They look like Easter eggs! Your breakfast is as appealing as what a good gourmet restaurant might serve. And is probably healthier!

  3. @HolleyGarden--I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets excited about green eggs! It's worth the extra money to eat something that tastes so natural. :)

    @Deb--Wow, thank you! It felt like a healthy omelet. :)

  4. The omelet looks delicious. I used to buy local eggs from a co-worker's son, but she got another job so no more egg deliveries at work. I'll have to look for a new source.

  5. Those eggs are delightfully beautiful! It's amazing how much eggier they taste than store bought. That's funny about the local cheese store not selling cheese! Hope you're staying warm. My parents are still in the DC area so I keep up with the weather...did you get snow?

  6. I made an omelette for Dark Days too! I'm a little intimidated by the blogger who is hosting the roundups - apparently they don't use salt or ANYTHING for their Dark Days meal. My goal is just to make my meal mostly local. I think the most important thing is the effort and the awareness, so I'm trying not to feel bad about it.


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