Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Break

The new blueberry bush looks good.  From this picture, it seems scraggly, but it has blooms and the branches look sturdy. The leaves of the new bush are a pinkish-red, which provides some nice color in the garden.

A few other things going on in the garden right now:
- Two of my azalea bushes are blooming--a red and pink one.  the pink one was first to bloom last year, so it's right on schedule.
- The snapdragons are budding! I didn't think they'd come back this year, but I'm pleased to see them.
- Aside from a few tomato seedlings, no other tomato or pepper seeds have germinated yet. :(
- It looks like only one of my hostas is coming back. I don't understand what happened, why the other one hasn't emerged yet. Is it dead? Why?? Very sad about this.

- My husband said he saw a frog in our fish pond. This is really exciting. (Another post about my fish pond here, if you'd like to see).

Bumble Lush is on spring break and will be back after Easter. Enjoy the rest of the week and the Easter holidays!


  1. Happy Easter! Enjoy your break. How exciting to see a fish in your pond! My hostas don't all come up at the same time. Some have been coming up for a month, and others are just starting to emerge, so hopefully yours will decide to come up when it feels safe. :)

  2. Happy Easter...wonderful to hear about the frog and blooms..hang in there ....the hosta still might emerge!

  3. Happy Easter! Frog and fish sharing a pond--oh my! We'll look forward to more updates when you get back!

  4. I wish my pond were as big as yours. I have a hosta that hasn't come up yet either, although the ones around it have. I'm giving it til the end of the month before I declare it dead. But I think my dogs dug it up and that it's a goner. Hope you had a great break!

  5. Some of my hostas haven't appeared yet, either. One of them was HUGE last year, and I can't imagine what happened. I keep hoping, as some others have just started to poke through the earth this past week.

    I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  6. Dear Angela, I hope you are enjoying a lovely break! Our frogs were very active with the warm weather last month, but they have have gone quiet now we are having a cold spell. We will be opening our pond soon -- can't wait. Love this posting. P. x


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