Saturday, April 21, 2012

Working for the Weekend

hostas 4-14-12, originally uploaded by Bumble Lush.
I'm sooooo glad it's the weekend. Work has been busy and frustrating lately, and I can't wait for this project to be finished (4 more weeks!)

These are a few odds and ends around my garden.

First, my second hosta is making a comeback. You can sort of see the shoots on the right of the photo above. I'm not sure why one sprouted so much faster than the other. That's never happened before. I was worried that the one on the right wasn't going to come back, but I'm glad it did. Although they're somewhat plain, I do love these plants.

volunteer parsley

I have a volunteer parsley plant! It looks great too. It appeared in our small yard patch where we're growing onions. Something bad happened to my container parsley, so I'm happy to see some in the garden.

jalapeno and golden bell

Remember the saga with the pepper plants I tried to over winter? Only two survived--a jalapeno plant and a golden bell pepper plant.


The jalapeno plant already has a fruit. I'm sad we lost so many pepper plants to aphids, but we have a lot of pepper seedlings going so I'm hoping to replenish our pepper crops this summer.

I'm off to Baltimore this weekend to hang out with a couple of college girlfriends. Have a great weekend!


  1. Amazing that you've already got a fruit on your pepper plant! How cool is that. Have fun working in your garden this weekend!

  2. Your hostas look really healthy - I wish I could grow them but our garden is much too sluggy. Have a good weekend

  3. That's nice and early to have ripe chillies. I've only ever grown shredded hostas - from the slug damage. Yours look perfect.

  4. happy weekend! your parsley looks awesome. i can't wait to try overwintering pepper plants this year--i finally have a proper place to do it.

  5. You already have a pepper? Wow!! Enjoy your weekend. :o) I have 7 weeks to go until summer break and I may be a complete lunatic by then. I had a hosta pop up after I had thought it had died. They have a quirky sense of humor.

  6. You jalapeno pepper looks really fine... Its very sad that I have not been able to find the seeds for that variety here.

    Good thing on the volunteer parsley... I am having volunteer mint...

  7. @spurge--thank you! We got some much needed rain this weekend so I won't be working in the garden too much, but that's OK.

    @elaine & @liz--thanks! I hate to say this for fear of cursing myself, but I haven't seen slugs near the hostas. I hope none come by!

    @emily--happy weekend to you! my only advice is don't bring them in too soon or the bugs may not have had a chance to die.

    @casamariposa--I'm learning hostas are a little tricky. Hmm. 7 weeks to go!! I'm sure you're not counting the days ;)

    @sri ranjani--I've heard sometimes mint can take over like a weed! Are there other hot pepper varieties you like? These jalapenos are fairly mild, but this year my husband is trying some different, hotter varieties.

  8. Your pepper plants look gorgeous...mine are just beginning in the garden. Enjoy your special weekend!

  9. Wow, you can make fresh salsa already! Jealous! Hostas are great, reliable framing plants. I know people poo-poo them, but they add a lot of interest to a shade garden. Nice post!

  10. Your parsley plants looks marvellous, what a great herb to have in the garden and that jalapeno plant has me all envious. Happy growing.

  11. I had a similar experience with my own hostas this year. I don't know what made some so slow to come up. I hope you had a great time with your college girlfriends!


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