Thursday, July 12, 2012

Starting Over

veggie box view from above
{On the left you can see the corn stalks. In the middle are the huge squash plant leaves, and the watermelon vine is in front. We left the back part open for some flowers or other companion plants, but the ^%$& squirrels keep ripping them out.}

Last month I posted about the end of my potato dream. To re-open the wound refresh your memory, the potato seeds we planted in a raised bed were ravaged by beetles.  We had to yank all the plants out, and this raised bed sat empty for a few days while we decided what to plant instead. Since almost all of my vegetables have to grow in containers, this nice deep bed would be perfect for trying corn and watermelon -- two foods I've always wanted to try to grow and that need more than just a 3-gallon pot to thrive.

watermelon vines
The icebox watermelon has really taken off! Since I took this picture, several flowers have sprouted and I've seen one itsy bitsy little watermelon fruit forming. Watermelon is my favorite summer food (besides tomatoes) and I really hope we get at least one nice melon from this plant. My husband bought 8 corn transplants to include. Unfortunately, we only have 2 corn plants left. The asshole squirrels in my neighborhood ripped out the rest when they were smaller. But the two corns that are left have started tasseling in the last few days.Can't wait to harvest my own corn!!

We also planted marigolds and squash in the bed. It's amazing how much bigger these squash leaves are compared to the ones in containers. I can't wait to do a comparison of how much bigger the actual squash will be. Despite some issues with cucumber beetles, squash vine borers, and squash bugs, the crops in the raised bed are doing all right, and hope to be able to show off my harvests by the end of summer, especially the watermelon.

If you grow vegetables, have you ever grown corn or watermelon? I'd love any tips!

Update: I posted too soon. Last Friday we found one of the corn stalks on the ground, it had been chewed at the base. I think I know exactly who did it. Grrrr......


  1. We grew corn last year and it was a total disaster. No harvest at all. We tried again this year, and we harvested tons! I think the weather played a big part in the difference. Good luck with yours. It's always important for a gardener to be flexible. No potatoes? Plant corn! :)

  2. I've never grown corn or watermelon but your asshole squirrels have plenty of cousins over in my garden. One ate half of my last ripening tomato before letting it drop on the ground and roll into the bushes. He couldn't even be bothered to find it and finish it. What a jerk! I hope a hawk gets him and all his Bumblelush kin.

  3. If it's not the squirrels, it's the chipmunks and the rabbits. They are very rude neighbors. They don't know where their property ends and mine begins. I did try Corn and Watermelon at my old place, where I had a large sunny veggie garden. The Watermelons were small, but tasty. The Corn (which I think was Popcorn) got infested with jumping/hopping bugs (leaf hoppers?). But we did have enough to make some popcorn, which was fun for the kids. Good luck! I hope you have some healthy Watermelons!

  4. No corn or watermelon. I'm glad you were able to find a silver lining and reuse your potato bed for other veggies.

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  6. I really hope they do well for you! I'm very glad I don't have squirrels to contend with although I suspect our possums are fairly similar and equally for advice I've never been successful with watermelon and as for corn I have found it trouble free - I plant it, cross your fingers and it grows and gives you corn - most wonderful really.

  7. Your garden seems to have plenty of enemies - fingers crossed for you for the rest of the growing season.

  8. Sorry I have never grown watermelon...just growing pumpkins this year again and it appears I may have one...I have planted a second harvest and added some zuke in another bed to see if they would grow since we have this hot, sunny weather...I had those same squirrels at the old house...I hated them.

  9. Sorry I have never grow watermelon...just getting a pumpkin this first one...I am doing some second harvest planting already with all this crazy weather....I had those same squirrels at the old house and really hated them!

  10. I mentioned your blog in my current post and sent you a pile of Garden Love. :o)


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