Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stop and Smell the Flowers

In addition to the beautiful hydrangeas, I wanted to post pictures of some of the other flowers in our garden. We mostly have vegetables, but this year I wanted some flowers to add a little color and variety. I bought some petunias--pretty common, I know, but I love blue and purple flowers and the pale lavender ones caught my eye. For a little extra color, I also bought some yellow ones--"Lemon Zest"--and they're quickly becoming my favorite.

petunias, Lemon Zest

And they look so good next to the Beaujolais!

lobelia erinus

These are pictures of a flash thunderstorm that hit us last weekend (May 14). It was pourting rain while the sun was shining, and at one point the rain beat down so hard that it snapped one of the tomato plant branches (in orange containers). We staked it and the plant is doing OK now.


  1. Blue, yellow and purple often compliment each other in the garden, I like those colors as well.. Never heard of Lemon zest petunias they sure are cute.. I'm glad the storm didn't destroy your tomato's nice pictures.

  2. I was attacted by the sign that said Lemon Zest :) And the pale yellow was pretty. I haven't done much with flowers yet. Most of my experimenting has been with vegetables. I wish I had more space instead of having to keep things in containers!


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