Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hydrangeas' Blue Tuesday

Brestenburg hydrangeas, May 15.

Brestenburg hydrangeas, May 16.

Brestenburg hydrangeas, May 18

close-up, May 15

close-up, May 18

What a quick transformation! I planted these Brestenburg hydrangeas this past Saturday, May 15 (top pic).  In just 3 days they've gone from pale white/pale blue/slightly pink to full-on blue and purple, and getting deeper by the day. It really is easier to manipulate the soil pH in a container. I've been wanting to get flowers with these rich colors since last year. I so love blue flowers!!

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  1. I like the way they look too" I never thought about growing these in containers.. They look nice in them.

    Don't feel bad about the strawberries, I'm still trying to learn how to grow and what to with them...
    I read on the net that I'm supposed to pinch off all the blooms the first year, to get a bounty of berries the next..


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