Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Elusive Mr. Cardinal

Finally, I snapped your picture, you camera-shy little cardinal!

First I'd like to thank everyone who visited and left comments on my last post. It's nice to connect with others in the gardening community, and I love visiting different garden sites, both the veggie and floral kind. I'm drawn to the floral posts because I have only a few blooms in my garden, and I'm living vicariously through all of you who grow such beautiful flowers!

Bless my backyard neighbors. Our backyards face each other, and on their deck they have recently installed a bird feeder. Right now I'm sitting at my dining room table, typing away and looking out the back window, admiring the parade of birds that visit their feeder. I've hesitated to install one myself, as I grow vegetables in containers and don't want to provide more encouragement to the birds or squirrels that there is food on my deck. My neighbors' feeder has welcomed yellow finches, sparrows, blackbirds, birds that look like finches with red heads, and cardinals, my most favorite bird. I'm not stealthy enough to get close to the window and take pictures without scaring them away, and I need a better zoom, but I did manage to take pictures of this beautiful male cardinal. I've seen a female cardinal too, and with their pink-orange beaks I think they're just as pretty as the bright red males. Another reason I'm grateful for the neighbors' feeder is that it provides hours of entertainment to my cat, who sits at the back window watching the birds all day long.

Can I complain for a just a teensy bit now? Ugh, gone are the cool spring temperatures and beautiful, sunny days. This week it's muggy, rainy, and warmer. The East Coast is finally getting all that rain that hit the ret of the country last week. At least Mother Nature is taking care of watering the plants. The warmer temps mean it may be time to finish hardening off the seedlings and get them out on the deck, which will be my task for the weekend.

p.s. Check out this post by Julia at Polka Dot Galoshes about some determined birds in her garden.


  1. beautiful cardinal! i miss those birds. that's awesome that your neighbors got a feeder...much better than having one yourself. i have a birdfeeder in my backyard that makes such a huge mess, between all the bird and squirrel crap and piles of seed all the seeds that drop and then germinate in my garden. but the birds are so fun to watch and listen to, they're worth it.

    i'm jealous of your weather! i looove warm, wet, muggy days...weird, i know.

  2. What a gorgeous little visitor! And so nice of the neighbors to provide this for your enjoyment =) I love cardinals but am yet to see one for real. They don't seem to stop by the Northwest. Loving your blog and will be linking you in my next post!! Cheers =)

  3. Cardinals are my favorite, too. We don't grow vegetables in our garden and so we have multiple feeders and bird baths for the birds. I love trying to capture them on camera!

  4. You probably do not need a feeder since you can observe all the birds you want across the way at your neighbor's house. What a treat! I like your photo of the cardinal...they are so pretty.

  5. @Emily--come out here, you'll get your fill of muggy! Too many bad hair days for me :(

    @Julia--you're so sweet! I'm enjoying your blog too.

    @Ginny--I've never been able to get a decent picture of any bird. I'm always amazed when other bloggers post pics of birds, bees, etc. You must see lots of pretty birds in your yard.

    @Sage Butterfly--Thanks! And yes, I'll just let the neighbors deal with feeding and cleaning up after the birds ;)

  6. OK, so I was just reading your blog over lunch and came across a sweet mention, thanks for the link to my naughty bird post =)


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