Friday, May 20, 2011

R.I.P. Endless Summer Hydgrangea

endless summer hydrangea (the one that survived)

brestenburg hydrangea - in pot, blooming slowly

hydrangea tree

I have sad news. I lost an Endless Summer hydrangea plant. I'm not sure why; I think the soil where it was planted was bad, as other things I've planted in that spot seemed to grow abnormally. In fact, this one never really grew as well or as prolifically as its sister on the other side of the walk. Weeks ago, while buds were sprouting on one Endless Summer bush, the other remained brittle and just dead looking. Once we finally decided to pull it out, the roots didn't look good either, poor thing.

So I'm down to one Endless Summer (in ground) one Brestenburg (in pot), and a hydrangea tree (shown above in order). At this time last year, they were already blooming, but actually at this time last year we had already hit 80 degrees a few times, so it makes sense that the blooms haven't burst forth yet in the cooler temperatures.
I have always loved hydrangeas and used to dream of having several thick lush plants when I finally owned a home. I was a little intimidated to grow them at first, but with the exception of the one that just died, the others have done very well. They have survived extreme temperatures, including back-to-back blizzards in the winter of 2009/2010 and a blistering hot summer of 2010.

hydrangea tree post blizzard

The scene of the crime. What to plant??

The question now is what to do with the empty space where the other one was. I doubt I'll put anything in the ground again because I think the soil in that spot is possessed. Maybe another hydrangea plant and keep it in a container? Maybe a totally different plant?


  1. So sad...I hate when I lose something. Hydrangeas are so pretty, and I cannot wait to see them in bloom. A container would be something to try...good luck!

  2. I would remove the soil or amend it and add a endless summer hydrngea when they go on clearance in the fall.

  3. I'd want to know what's in that soil. Maybe it's a drainage issue. Still it looks like a great place to put a container since it's right by a walk. Whatever you do I hope it satisfies you. It hurts to lose the plants we love.

  4. @SageButterfly, @greggo, @Grace--thanks for your comments. It is sad to lose a plant, especially hydrangeas. I think they're so pretty! The drainage seems OK, and the azalea nearby are OK. I'll figure something out. :)

  5. So sorry you lost such a beauty! It looked so happy last year. Its confusing to think, what could've happened for it to go from happiness one season to a loss the next? I lost a few this year too, everything around them are still doing fine and better than ever. I think it was just a hard winter for them. I too am looking at what to replace them with? Can't wait to see what you go with =)


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