Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall! (and a last taste of Summer)

Today is the official first day of Fall--my favorite season! I'm looking forward to cooler temperatures, wearing cozy sweaters and boots, and eating lots of pie and soup. Temperatures are still a bit warm around these parts, though, so it's hard to get into a complete autumn mindset. While looking at food porn online yesterday, I came across some summer salad recipes that I wish I had found, oh, about 3 months ago.

Tomato Carpaccio - does this scream summer, or what? I don't really have any garden-grown tomatoes left, but next summer I plan to grow some big slicing tomatoes for salads just like this.

Endive and Warm Pear Salad - Well, this salad seems a little high-brow for my simple taste, but it looks delicious. And I confess that I do love pears in salads, and pears and endive seem to be a common combo that works very well. Maybe one day, when I'm a proper lady, I'll have dinner parties where I start the meal off with something classy like this instead of the beer-burger-and-guacamole parties we have now. Maybe.

Avocado and Corn - And speaking of guacamole, I think this avocado and corn salad is my favorite. I love avocados and ate a lot of avocado and tomato salads this summer. I wish I lived in a more tropical zone where I could grow healthy avocado (and citrus) trees.

So farewell Summer! Here's hoping for a happy fall season.

(all food photos via Mark Bittman)


  1. whoa, avocado and corn looks so good. actually i don't even care about the corn, i just want to smoosh that whole avocado into my mouth.

  2. Fall definitely has come in with an early bang in our parts! One of my favorite fall salads includes pears and apples. It's a mash up of my favorote salads from Cosi and Corner Bakery. Are your veggies still producing?

  3. I think it's great to celebrate the end of a season with food! Bon appetit!


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