Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Goldfish Pond

I've done an entire post on our new kitten and have shown pics of our sweet 3-year-old cat, so now I want to mention our gilled garden companions. This goldfish pond was part of the house when we bought it, and we love listening to the soothing sounds of the running water. The birds and squirrels seem to like it too, and we frequently see them stopping by for a drink.

The pond has five goldfish and water lilies which bloom briefly every spring. Our first year in the house, there was a huge toad that lived in the pond. We'd see it swimming and sitting on the lily pads or hiding under the Japanese maple that's near the pond. Last year we saw the toad and a smaller frog briefly in early spring. We were excited that there were two, and then they disappeared. We didn't see either of them again for the rest of the 2010 summer. We hoped to see one or both again this year, but we didn't see anything this spring either, and then...
...a few weeks ago, we saw a little frog! This picture is awful, but it's the only proof I have that there's a frog in the pond!  I've read that frogs are a sign that your pond is healthy, so I'm very happy to see it. He should have plenty to eat with all the mosquitos and flies swarming about, and I hope he stays and invites a couple of friends too.

Do you have a pond in your yard?  


  1. Don't you just love all that a water feature brings to your garden? Your pond is lovely.

  2. Yes, I have a pond, and I absolutely love them! Yours is very pretty. The orange of the fish stands out so well - and they look so happy to be fed! What an exciting find to see a frog. I hope he sings for you each night.

  3. No pond in my yard. But yours looks great. A friend made a water garden this year out of a big ceramic pot that I'm tempted to try.

  4. We're digging a small pond this fall!! I can hardly wait! My son is going to do most of the digging before he leaves for boot camp. Has your pond overflowed with all the rain? My area is flooding and school is closed today. The ginger around your pond is beautiful!!

  5. Congratulations on the frog!! And good job with that arrow. I have little tree frogs in my garden beds and sometimes in the greenhouse sink. They are so adorable, and not terribly fearful either. (That may be how that frog/prince thing came about...)

    And the lilies! I might need a pond. Wow, this is the first time I have EVER considered that. You have written a magic post! :) (Frog influence?)

  6. I have a pond but its not as pretty as yours. Its on my "List of Things to Do" to pretty it up this summer!

    I envy you your froggy!

  7. I soooo miss our pond. We don't have one here, but our last garden had one. The first year the toads moved in, and there were so many tadpoles that spring they were actually harassing the fish! The next year we had a duckling, maybe 1 or 2 days old show up in the pond (probably from the nearby golf course, but separated from its mother), but never a frog. We did seem to attract herons though, who would try to spear the goldfish, but we'd built the pond with straight sides, so they couldn't wade in. This really makes me want to go and dig a very big hole in the garden. I already have a liner, a skimmer box and a pump...just in case ;) Someday I hope. Your pond looks fabulous and healthy, no wonder your frog friend showed up!

  8. I don't have a pond but I have a water fountain with 9 big, fat kois. I'd like to have your pond, complete with the wildlife one day.

  9. Yes, we have a garden pond complete with goldfish and frogs. Love it! Your pond is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. How cute! I love the pond, and hope that the frogies bring more frog friends to delight you next year.

  11. @Carolyn--Thank you! Yes, we love the pond and I'm very glad the house came with it. :)

    @HolleyGarden--you know, the crickets and cicadas have been so loud this year that I haven't been able to hear the frog at all. That's why I was so surprised to see it!

    @GirlSprout--cool! Def. share if you try that.

    @CasaMariposa--the pond didn't overflow, thank goodness, but the ground around it is waterlogged. Can't wait to see your pond progress!

    @linniew--aww, thank you! I hope my little frog prince sticks around. And if you decide on building one, do share your progress!

    @Christine--thank you!

    @Curbstone Valley--wow! you had a lot of wildlife visitors. I would love to have ducks! Our pond is way too small though.

    @Autumn Belle--your fountain sounds cool!

    @NHGarden--thanks for visiting!

    @Vetsy--thank you Vetsy! I hope he sticks around too. :)

  12. Gorgeous!! I looooove the little frog :) Would love a pond. When my little ones grow older to avoid pond adventures! :)


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